Customs clearance conditions
Customs clearance conditions

خانه Customs clearance conditions

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Customs clearance conditions

Customs clearance conditions

Conditions for customs clearance of drugs: The Deputy Minister of Health and the head of the Food and Drug Administration said: “Some importers of drugs want to import drugs that are not reliable in the country without obtaining an initial license.”

According to Behdasht News, Dr. Rasoul Dinarvand stated: The Food and Drug Administration, in cooperation with the Iranian Customs, this year has established an electronic connection for all clearance processes of health products that have a previous legal license, and the licensing operation is automatic. Done in a few hours.

Customs clearance conditions

He stressed that the Food and Drug Administration, based on health policies, can not issue import licenses to any number of applicants to support domestic drugs: Some importers without obtaining an initial license for unregistered drugs In the country, which are not reliable in terms of health or their entry is limited due to the support of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, they enter the customs and try to clear them through media controversy or direct or indirect pressure on the country’s officials and officials. To.

Dinarvand said that the Food and Drug Administration will obtain clearance permits in less than one working day for any raw material or manufactured drug that is not domestically produced and has already gone through the legal registration process. Seriously opposes such imports.

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