Conditions for importing goods to Iran
Conditions for importing goods to Iran

خانه Conditions for importing goods to Iran

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Conditions for importing goods to Iran

Conditions for importing goods to Iran

The import of goods through the law has its own rules, and individuals or units that import goods must be sufficiently familiar with the conditions and methods of doing so.

According to ISNA, the importer of goods is a natural or legal person who imports the goods used in the country according to the relevant licenses and must be aware of the rules and commercial law of the seller in respect of the rules and trade law of his country. In addition, for import, having a business card and if it is a production unit, having an exploitation license or production license is required.

Conditions for importing goods to Iran

Business card

A business card is a document that allows you to export and import goods. The business card is issued by the branches of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines in Tehran or other cities, in the name of applicants, both natural and legal persons, and is valid after approval by the issuing unit.

Also, the rules, conditions and how to renew a business card are done according to the executive regulations.

According to the law, the following persons and goods do not need to present a business card:

– Border Cooperatives for importing goods needed by border families according to the relevant list and in the specified number, amount and value.

– Iranian sailors working on vessels sailing between the coasts of Iran and other countries.

– Cocooners to import the goods that can be imported by the needs of their province and neighboring provinces in case of obtaining a cocoon card.

– Iranian workers working abroad if they have a job record from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

– Goods that are not subject to customs clearance for sale.

– Passenger goods

– Goods that arrive by mail (postal deposit).

– Domestic books and publications for export.

Commercial goods

Goods that are imported or exported for sale at the discretion of Customs, whether sold in the same way or after production, segregated and packaged, will be considered commercial.

Due to the fact that the customs formalities are electronic and the owners of the goods can declare their goods at the customs without the need for physical presence, so the owners of the business cards or their legal representatives can refer to the executive customs authentication unit with a username and password. Receive their special pass and proceed to customs affairs through the comprehensive customs system and the window of the cross-border trade unit.

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