Exports of Iran to 14 countries
Exports of Iran to 14 countries

خانه Exports of Iran to 14 countries

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Exports of Iran to 14 countries

Exports of Iran to 14 countries

Export of zinc to Iran to 14 countries “Zinc” was one of the areas in which new discoveries raised the news of increasing its reserves, while the CEO of Iran Zinc Mines Development Holding announced the administration of this product to 14 countries.

Ardeshir Saad Mohammadi, referring to the situation of “Roy” and the investments made in this field, said: In the mining sector, last year and this year, the fig mines in Yazd and Chahsarbo in the Tabas region have been activated, and now we are talking to you. Several new areas have been identified for exploration and exploration has begun. The combination of these activities shows that the holding has entered the field of new discoveries and is also willing to invest.

Exports of Iran to 14 countries

Expressing readiness to invest in Imidro exploration zones, he said: “We are registering new zones and we will be happy to be active in the field of Imidro exploration zones and to invest in the country’s” lead “and” zinc “mines. Saad Mohammadi Regarding the volume to be explored, he said: “In the report that has been presented, the exact volume has not been determined yet, but with the talks that have taken place, we will try to reach an accurate estimate and start our investment.”

The CEO of Iran Zinc Mines Development Holding, referring to the foreign activities of Iran Zinc Holding and investing in the Asargic mine in Turkey, said: “This mine is being prepared and the final decision on its commissioning will be made soon.”

He added: “Some time ago, issues were raised about Asarjik, because at that time we came across a richer mine with a higher grade and we were looking for a transfer of investment, but in any case we agreed on the current Asarjik circuit and after equipping and preparing this mine.” We will exploit.

Saad Mohammadi clarified about the latest situation of “zinc” production: in the first four months of this year, the production is more than 7500 tons ahead of last year, and this is while we have planned to have 12.5% ​​more production this year than last year, but So far, we have achieved a 25% increase in production in the first four months.

He continued: We have four production projects on the verge of opening. Also, the production of zinc hydroxide in Calcimin Complex and Qeshm Complex has been completed and is ready to open, and the completion of the BZS chain in Bandar Abbas has been completed and is ready for operation. Zangan hydrated iron is ready to open and has reached its nominal capacity.

Referring to other projects underway, he added: “12 new projects are also underway, and with careful planning that we have had with well-known and world-renowned companies that will come to Iran, we will start a joint cooperation in this field.” We are looking to put the extraction of cadmium, nickel and cobalt on the agenda and we are waiting to receive a proposal from the collections.

Saad Mohammadi, referring to the situation of exports and marketing of Iran Mining Development Holding, said: “Currently, we have exports to 14 countries, including the markets of European countries.” Meanwhile, we were able to increase the quality of the product to 99.99, which has led to the demand for quality ingots from all over the world.

He continued: “According to a report read last year in the General Assembly, the selling price of Iranian” zinc “was $ 100 higher than the global LME (London Metal Exchange) rate last year, which was also the result of the success of friends. CEO of Development Holding Regarding the situation of domestic supply of products, Zinc Mines of Iran stated: Domestic sales of “Zinc” do not need much stock exchange; Because we export more than 85% of the production and there is not much demand in the domestic market, but there are only two or three buyers, most of whom buy from Mobarakeh Steel to galvanize steel sheets for use in home appliances.

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