Fruit smuggling exports
Fruit smuggling exports

خانه Fruit smuggling exports

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Fruit smuggling exports

Fruit smuggling exports

Fruit smuggling export: While kiwi and pomegranate are among the export fruits that have a high annual exchange rate for the country, this year, in addition to official exports, about 56,616 kilograms were smuggled, which was returned and registered in the country’s import list.

Fruit smuggling exports

During the first eight months of this year, 18 tons and 476 kg of fresh pomegranates from the Arvand Khorramshahr Free Zone through Kuwait worth 10,531 dollars, along with 38 tons and 140 kg of fresh kiwis through Turkey and the Bazargan border worth $ 39,140. The director general of the office of tropical and subtropical fruits of the Ministry of Agriculture told ISNA: “This recorded statistic has nothing to do with the import of pomegranates and quality, because this shipment was part of smuggled exports that were exported to different countries without permission and returned.” خورده‌اند. However, these fruits have been exported in recent years and there is no problem in this regard.

Abolghasem Hassanpour, stating that Iranian kiwi and pomegranate are among the quality fruits that are exported to various European countries, said: “The only problem with returned shipments was not obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and other regulatory and export agencies from unofficial sources.” .

Of course, the official statistics show that during the first eight months of this year, 1680 tons of fresh pomegranates worth 1 million 462 thousand 590 dollars to 17 different countries along with 42 thousand 515 tons of kiwi to 23 different countries worth 17 million 477 $ 1,621 has been exported, and the number and variety of customers of these fruits from different continents of the world shows the quality of Iranian products, and more interestingly, why, despite having a license and even export incentives and facilities, these shipments were exported smuggled. Is?

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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