The export of all aquatic animals has a growing trend
The export of all aquatic animals has a growing trend

خانه The export of all aquatic animals has a growing trend

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The export of all aquatic animals has a growing trend

The export of all aquatic animals has a growing trend

Total aquatic exports are growing: Ali Akbar Khodaei, secretary of the Iranian Aquatic Exporters Union, in an interview with the Tehran Chamber news site about the status of aquatic exports, said: Total aquatic exports are growing. Shrimp has also had good exports as one of the aquaculture complexes. According to Khodaei, this trend of export growth has been due to the fact that the production complex has been accompanied by growth. He continued: “The situation of shrimp exports, especially which is based on exports in general, is in a good situation.” But the situation may not be good in other export industries and goods, because according to experts and economic activists, we do not have any production at all that we can export. But in the aquaculture and shrimp sector, because it had an export base from the beginning and the government did not support the payment of subsidies for shrimp food, etc., the aquaculture sector has always been dependent on itself. For this reason, there has never been a problem for him, and even if there was a problem, the activists of this sector have solved it among themselves. This lack of dependence on the government has also caused the various margins and lack of government money and resources not to harm the aquaculture industry and export.

The export of all aquatic animals has a growing trend

He also spoke about the situation in various aquatic areas: “Caviar, shrimp and non-perishable fish have had an export base from the very beginning.” Shrimp, which is priced based on the world market price, the dollar price has already risen and shrimp exports have found a better situation. Non-perishable fish also have no market in the country due to the prohibition of meat and are generally exported. Caviar, due to its nature and high price, has no domestic market and is exported. As a result, because there is no need for government support, producers and exporters themselves coordinate and invest on their own, forming colonies with growers and figuring out exports and production, and now the export trend is growing.

According to Khodaei, according to statistics for the first six months of this year, aquatic exports were $ 110 million. Last year, the figure was $ 72 million. Therefore, during this period, there has been a good growth in aquaculture export earnings. This export growth has also been due to increased production and good fishing.

The secretary of the Union of Aquatic Exporters of Iran also added about the situation of aquatic exports to Russia: In general, working with the Russians is complicated and difficult. Of course, Iran and Russia have been neighbors for many years, but we have not had trade relations with each other. On the other hand, the Russian market has its own sellers, if they want to buy from Iran, they have to leave their previous sellers, which is basically a complex action. This is also difficult for Iran. Anyway, now we are in the markets and we are familiar with the rules and regulations there until we want to get acquainted with the new Russian market and get it. Of course, the Russian market is creating interest and exporters are willing to enter the Russian market with subsidies and prices similar or lower.

According to God, last year, a total of 270 tons of shrimp and crab were exported to Russia, while in the first six months of this year, 250 tons were exported. As a result, it can be said that exports to Russia have also experienced significant growth. However, the Russian market is not a primary market for Iranian aquatic exporters, for a number of specialized reasons. One of these concerns the price and quality of goods that Iran’s competitors export to Russia. For example, the price of Chinese shrimp is cheaper than Iranian shrimp. For this reason, Iranian exporters are ready to open the Russian market to the extent that they do not make a loss. This is also a difficult step, but most of this difficulty has been overcome.

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