The export of 33 species of medicinal plants was banned
The export of 33 species of medicinal plants was banned

خانه The export of 33 species of medicinal plants was banned

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The export of 33 species of medicinal plants was banned

The export of 33 species of medicinal plants was banned

The export of 33 species of medicinal plants was banned. The Trade Development Organization sent a letter to the country’s customs, banning the export of 33 species of medicinal plants in 1996 and allowing the export of other species as permitted and conditional.

Prohibition of export of 33 plant and medicinal species

Seyed Jamal Modarresi, Director General of the Trade Development Office of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, sent a letter to Aliabadi Farahani, Director General of the Export and Import Office of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, on “Export Criteria for Medicinal and Industrial Products and Plants for 1996.” He stated: Respectfully return to the letter No. 96/210 / 42.5 dated 4/2/96 regarding the export criteria of medicinal products and plants in 1396, equal to the inquiries made by the specialized organization and the necessary studies of the export criteria for the mentioned items for 1396 to be summoned. It is presented as follows:

1- Unauthorized items (forbidden):

The following species are considered as endangered species and genetic resources of the country and their exploitation is strictly prohibited. These items are:

Rhizome of fennel, onion and tulip overthrown, onion Glenarges, marshmallow root, chicory root, wild rhubarb root, chubak root, rhubarb root, mahalab bark, valerian, Mehr Khosh, Cheleh Daghi, Soranjan, Khas root and Kolekhas root, root Wild iris, wild dahlia root, licorice root (harvested from pastures), various types of onions (except onion species with conditional permitted items), cranberry, bilhar, sorrel root, yew, boxwood, anemone, tulips, lilies, forty lights, Khuzestani lavender, evergreen, all roots and bark of trees and forest shrubs (excluding conditionally allowed items) and hemp.

2- Permitted items (conditional):

Other than the items prohibited in paragraph (1) or only agricultural items (paragraph 2), other species are excluded from this category.

The most important conditionally allowed items are:

Wild celery (gloss), wild barberry fruit (forest), bergamot, milk thistle, Farhjashk ?? , Side leaf, case leaf, black cumin, Mahalab fruit, Ashnian (Shaqar), Khansar turmeric (Angbin turmeric), forest pistachio, fern fruit, thyme, herbaceous turmeric, forest walnut and hazelnut, bitter and sweet anchovy, purple willow, barijeh , Tragacanth and Shah Anzrut, Caparis (Logji), Almond (mountain), Tea grass, Love, Moss, Eagle wing fern, Khuzestani savory (Lorestani), Borage, Yarrow, Nafsheh flower, Sage, Chicory, Wheat flower, Arvaneh flower, Ronas fruit, Safflower, Large seed (flax), Mero seed, Qadomeh Shirazi, Gypsy raisin, Asfarzeh, Sail, Anise, Lemongrass, Bo leaf, Coriander and oak fruit, Cheese, Oyster Bubneh, Shatereh, Lavender, Eucalyptus leaves, Sugar, Turpentine, Kidney seeds and fruits and forest shrubs, Rhubarb shoots, Shallots, Leaves and twigs of Koleh Khas, Turpentine, Artichoke, Edible mushrooms (harvested from pastures)

3- Agricultural and greenhouse items

Exploitation and transportation Exports of crops, greenhouses and gardens, including citrus fruits, fruits, vegetables (leeks, fenugreek, leeks, leeks, coriander, basil, dill, cumin, portulaca, horseradish, horseradish, tarragon, watercress And …) Types of summer vegetables (watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, warm, etc.) Types of legumes, cereals, squash, potatoes, onions, velvet, garlic, corn, sesame, flax, hemp, tobacco, tobacco , Fruit, tea, beet, sugar, chrysanthemum, cumin, saffron, cabbage, laden, magnolia, carrot, carrot, date, cotton, sunflower, soybean, rapeseed need to obtain a license from the Organization of Forests, Rangelands and Watersheds It has no country or affiliated units.

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