Smuggling of computer products with disposable business cards
Smuggling of computer products with disposable business cards

خانه Smuggling of computer products with disposable business cards

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Smuggling of computer products with disposable business cards

Smuggling of computer products with disposable business cards

Smuggling of Computer Products with Disposable Business Cards: A person named (M.F.), a computer equipment smuggler who was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence, has a history of smuggling this equipment before. Qassem Khorshidi, a spokesman for the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Trafficking Headquarters, said several people had been arrested in connection with a large shipment of five containers of special computer and imaging equipment.

According to Khorshidi, after identifying this consignment with the cooperation of customs and after confiscating 5 containers of the mentioned consignment, the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic succeeded in discovering large quantities of “minicomputers”, “cinematographic cameras” worth 80 to 100 million Tomans each. It was estimated and a number of huge and very powerful servers that the rial value of each of these servers is estimated at 10 billion tomans.

Investigations revealed that one of the detainees in this case was a person named “M. F »has a history of arrest and case related to smuggling, owns 3 of these containers. This person stated that the containers’ load was “thin client” with a customs fee of 4%, while the mentioned equipment has a much higher tariff of 26%.

It is worth mentioning that this person was previously charged with participating in and directing the smuggling of goods, in addition to confiscating more than 900 notebooks and 5 servers in favor of the government, rejecting the price of the lost property in the amount of 120 billion 402 million 771 thousand 295 Rials. And was fined 255 billion, 16 million, 991 thousand and 790 rials in the state treasury.

Also, according to the information obtained, four months ago, a consignment of 8 containers of computer equipment was declared to Shahid Rajaei Customs at the Cottage Declaration 27056, using a disposable business card in the name of TAT Company. As a result of repeated investigations in this case, considering that in addition to parts, complete goods have been imported into the country, Shahid Rajaei Customs, in cooperation with a regulatory body, issues a claim for 1 billion and 250 million Tomans in the name of the company. It seems that the seized cargo in Tehran is not unrelated to the customs clearance shipments of Rajai.

Regarding the cargo of 8 containers, it should be said that in the initial stages of customs formalities, due to the bad record of the main importer of this equipment, with the intervention of the Iranian Customs, the departure of the cargo is subject to full review and review of the declaration. Unfortunately, the officials of that time, regardless of the warnings of the Iranian customs, issued a 120 million Toman difference in issuing export permits. Following the objection of the review office, after the goods are withdrawn, a claim amount of 125 billion Rials will be issued.

According to Tasnim, although the holder of a disposable business card has not taken action to pay his debt despite the arrival of the Provincial Court of Audit, it should be noted that according to the letter of the Office of Review of Goods Value and real customs claims, the figure is much higher than the claim. An informed source told Tasnim: “Tracking the final warehouses of goods has been one of the ways to identify the smuggled goods of this person.”

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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