Step by step with the import of goods
Step by step with the import of goods

خانه Step by step with the import of goods

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Step by step with the import of goods

Step by step with the import of goods

Do you know the seller and manufacturer of the product you want abroad? To have profitable and risk-free imports, contact experienced consultants and professional customs experts.

If you have the information, you have gone through the first step. Otherwise, the seller must be identified first.

2- Inquiry of technical specifications and price of goods after identifying the manufacturer or seller

3- Receiving a sample of goods (it is recommended that the sample of goods be received and checked before doing commercial import).

4- Deciding on the type, model and number of imported goods – which can be calculated according to the conditions of sale in the domestic market, the cost price of the goods – the amount of demand – the time of sale of the goods and other items.

5- Receiving a pre-invoice from the seller (Proforma Invis) with mutual terms and conditions and observing the necessary points in it

6- Having sufficient information about the customs tariff and import conditions of the said goods

7- Having information about the costs related to the import of goods from the beginning to after clearance to calculate the actual cost of goods and make the final decision.

8- Calculating the real cost price of the goods (cost price of the goods in the warehouse, including all overhead costs)

9- Receiving the discounts of the final agreement on the price of the goods and the semester of sale with the seller

10- Review of import budget and final decision for import

11- Agreement on the method of payment of the amount of goods to the seller (payment term)

12- Agreement on the time of transportation of goods and method of transportation. (Delivery term)

13- Detailed information about the licenses and standards required for import and agreement with the seller to implement the standards

14- Checking the required shipping documents with the seller and receiving confirmation from him for the ability to provide the above documents

15- Agreement for inspection of goods (if necessary)

16. Do you have a business card? If yes, all documents including proforma and other documents can be issued in your name, but if you do not have a business card, you should seek help from experienced importers.

17- Order registration in the Ministry of Commerce before any payment – Unfortunately, some traders who still work in traditional and non-specialized style do the order registration in the last stage, even after paying the full amount to the seller or even after the goods arrive at customs. (In T / T cash payments) that this action increases the risk of imports, because according to the floating rules, the rules may change at any time and the importer is not informed and will be harmed. But if the trader registers the order of goods before any action, it will avoid many future problems.

18- Diaft Iran standard code and initial license if included

19- Receiving other necessary licenses for import before importing goods from relevant organizations and organs

20- Prepaid payment under the previous agreement – whether in the form of T / T or L / C or D / P or other terms

21- Following up and monitoring the correct and timely production of goods

22- Carrying out inspection before shipment (if necessary)

23- Receiving samples of goods after mass production and before shipment if necessary

24- Coordinating the transportation of goods (in case of purchasing goods with terms other than the terms in which the seller is responsible for transporting the goods)

25- Control of draft shipping documents

26- Payment of the balance of goods with the agreed term (in T / T method)

27- Receiving the original shipping documents from the seller

28- Pursuing the arrival of goods to customs and receiving shipping documents and other documents

29- Receiving foreign exchange supply documents

30- Receiving inspection documents (if necessary)

31- Receiving the necessary licenses from the relevant organizations that must be received after the import of the goods (you must have done the administrative steps before importing).

32- Transit of goods to other customs if needed

33- Providing complete documents and explanations to the work clearance to perform clearance affairs

34- Payment of customs duties and taxes and other expenses related to customs clearance

35- Transportation of goods to the warehouse after clearance

36- Fulfillment of foreign exchange obligations (foreign exchange supply) if any and tax obligations (import tax) and …

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