The price of imported cars will not increase
The price of imported cars will not increase

خانه The price of imported cars will not increase

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The price of imported cars will not increase

The price of imported cars will not increase

The price of imported cars will not increase: The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, noting that the suspension of order registration of some importers will not affect the price of cars, said: more than 40 car brands are represented in Iran.

According to the economic correspondent of Daneshjoo News Agency, Yadollah Sadeghi said in a press conference regarding the non-issuance of licenses for car importers who do not have official representation from the parent company: It is obligatory that capital and durable goods, including automobiles, are required to have an after-sales service system and be representative.

No increase in the price of imported cars

He added: “This issue also includes Article 4 of the Law on Consumer and Producer Protection, in which all suppliers of capital goods, including cars and home appliances, are required to provide after-sales service.” “In the technical situation, the importers of the representative must have models and goods,” he said. To bring them to the country to have their representative in the country, and if they can not provide after-sales service, by paying a fee to the agencies, this will be done for them.

Emphasizing that car dealerships currently have the capacity to supply the market, Sadeghi said: “We have more than 40 car brands in the field of cars, which have been represented by major countries, and now very reputable brands from European and Asian countries in the dealership.” have. “We do not anticipate that restrictions on car imports will affect the price of this product,” he said. Of course, changes in exchange rates or other issues related to car rates may affect the market; However, the order of the Ministry of Industry to stop imports by unlicensed persons has no effect on the market.

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, regarding the fact that some of the agencies in Iran have not been registered on the main brand site, said: “Our criterion is not that a company should be registered on the main brand site; Rather, we receive documents from agencies that have been approved by the parent company and representatives of the Chamber of Commerce at the origin.

The head of the Guilds and Trade Center of the Ministry of Silence, announcing that of course some agencies could not renew their certificates, said: “We have not allowed them to re-register; But these companies have already registered their orders and registered the import of several cars; Therefore, they are currently allowed to import previous cars.

Regarding the implementation of commodity identifiers in groups “A”, “B” and “C”, he said: “How to use commodity identifiers has been specified, and in the time period until February 16, the commodity identifiers in groups” A “,” B “and” C) is launched. In group “A”, some goods such as cigarettes and mobile phones have been completed and are in the process of troubleshooting.

Sadeghi continued: “In the field of mobile, every task has been done in the commercial sector, such as system design and development of executive processes related to mobile registration operations.” “Currency has been sent,” he said. “The letter states that the ministry is fully prepared to implement mobile registration in the country, and our colleagues in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology must declare their readiness.”

Regarding the organization of distribution networks in the country, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: “Our effort has been to distribute most of the goods through distribution companies;” In addition, we have chain stores that own up to six to seven percent of the retail system in the country.

Saying that the government is trying to increase their share, Sadeghi said: “The government is paying attention to organizing the existing units within their legal framework in a way that has the benefits of different chain stores and is supported through the formation of these companies.” Regarding the internet activities, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: “Unfortunately, some people are selling goods illegally in cyberspace, and we are looking for them to obtain licenses so that goods can be exchanged properly in this space as well.”

Referring to the organization of the car tire market, he said: “Brands in this market are limited to quality brands from around the world, and manufacturers can also offer their goods in the domestic market.” Accordingly, good competition has been formed between domestic manufacturers and reputable foreign brands in the market.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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