Prox card and its future
Prox card and its future

خانه Prox card and its future

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Prox card and its future

Prox card and its future

A prox card is a type of contact smart card that can be read without being placed on a card reader (such as a bank card) just by holding it close to the proximity card reader, for example, metro credit cards or city buses. There are different types of this card.

These types of cards have replaced the cards with magnetic strips and are being upgraded day by day. These types of cards are coded by their own device and its software to perform the specified function by bringing it closer to the adjacent device. The user hears a beep at this point. The reading range of these cards is usually 50 cm or 15 inches, which is the main difference with the smart card. Smart cards must be at least 1 to 3 cm away from the card reader to operate.

Adjacent cards can hold more than one magnetic stripe.

Combining these cards with proximity smart cards can help in electronic payment, corporate attendance, step-by-step smart payments, and so on. Today, in some countries, this technology, combined with the Internet of Things (IOE), has led to the development of big data space and information production, and ultimately to the assistance of professionals in developing knowledge and reducing costs.

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