Dual-use goods and import conditions
Dual-use goods and import conditions

خانه Dual-use goods and import conditions

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Dual-use goods and import conditions

Dual-use goods and import conditions

Dual-use goods and its import conditions, dual-use goods that are used in other industries in addition to cosmetics, health and food, can be cleared through customs with an undertaking from the importer.

According to the economic correspondent of the Pouya Reporters Club; According to the directive of the Food and Drug Administration, if the raw materials are similar to the raw materials subject to Article 16 of the Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Law only in terms of name (not purity and health) and are also used in industries not covered by this law. They are known as raw materials with dual purpose applications.

If the documents are introduced as industrial grade or technical grade, by registering the details of the owner of the goods and obtaining a written commitment and mentioning the phrase unusable and consumed in food, beverage, cosmetic products in the clearance documents and declaration, the clearance of this The goods will be unimpeded by the customs with the commitment and acceptance of the responsibility of the managing director of the relevant unit and the observance of other conditions and regulations of Rasa country.

Terms of clearance of dual-use goods
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