Goods exempt from VAT according to tax laws
Goods exempt from VAT according to tax laws

خانه Goods exempt from VAT according to tax laws

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Goods exempt from VAT according to tax laws

Goods exempt from VAT according to tax laws

VAT-exempt goods according to tax laws: According to the country’s tax laws, not all goods are subject to VAT and some products are exempt from paying this type of tax, but there are many sellers who use the customer’s ignorance to add value. They receive from customers.

Tax-exempt goods

Also in accordance with the VAT law: bakery flour, bread, meat, sugar, sugar, rice, beans, soy, milk, cheese, vegetable oil, powdered milk for child nutrition, various medicines, medical supplies, medical services and many other items They are exempt from this tax.
In addition, according to Article 12 of Chapter 2 of the VAT Law, another group of goods are exempt from VAT.

This group includes:

Unprocessed agricultural products are live cattle and poultry, aquatic animals, bees and chickens. Apart from these types of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and seedlings, and livestock and poultry feed are not included in this type of tax.

Another category of VAT exempt commodity groups is as follows:

Handmade carpets, books, press, writing offices and all kinds of printing, writing and press paper.

Goods donated to ministries, government agencies, and public non-governmental organizations are another category of tax-exempt goods and products.
Apart from these goods, which are purchased for personal use, they are also exempt from paying value added tax, provided that the ceiling set by the customs laws is observed.

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