Imported goods are identified
Imported goods are identified

خانه Imported goods are identified

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Imported goods are identified

Imported goods are identified

The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade announced that the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade intends to require foreign companies operating inside the country to import goods up to 50% of the amount. Invest in imports inside Iran.

ID of imported goods

“In the past, due to economic instability and the country’s political situation, the risk of economic activity was high and we could not have a long-term plan for the economy,” Shahram Mirakhorlu told IRNA. In the 11th government, after the implementation of the Borjam nuclear agreement (Comprehensive Joint Action Plan) and the change in the country’s diplomatic environment, economic activity was facilitated and the situation changed.

Emphasizing the quality of imported goods from official sources, he added: “Imported goods must meet the set standards after performing the necessary tests.” Therefore, all goods that are imported from official sources have the necessary quality and low-quality goods are not imported into the country.

Mirakhorloo also said about the quality of domestically produced goods: “If a product is subject to standard conditions, it can not be said that it is a low quality product, and if there is a problem with the quality of standard goods, the National Standards Organization will deal with that producer in the form of underselling, overselling and …” Deals decisively.

Emphasizing that all suppliers are audited in this regard, he added: “We intend to form all suppliers in the form of quality control company through in-service and after-sales service indicators, how to deal with the consumer and mutual trust.” Audit the producer and thus prevent the supply of counterfeit goods to the country

Assigning ID number and tracking to imported goods

“Our country has wide borders and appropriate measures should be taken to control the entry and exit of goods,” said the deputy head of the Organization for the Inspection and Investigation of Violations of the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization.

He stressed that dealing with smuggling of contraband goods is not only responsible at the supply level and added: “By taking the necessary measures for tariffs on imported goods, the importer can be persuaded to import goods from official sources, which is done by proper planning and The adoption of policies is achieved.

Mirakhorlu considered control measures as another way to deal with smuggled goods and continued: “Through the comprehensive system of warehouses, the movement of goods at the supply level is monitored.” Also, all goods that enter the country will be identified and tracked according to Article 13 of the Trafficking Law.

According to him, the ID will be assigned to the goods by the end of this year and the tracking code from next year, and the tracking and identification of the goods suspected of smuggling will be done easily and they will be able to deal with them.

He added: “The next mechanism to deal with smuggled goods is to link the after-sales service sector and also to increase consumer awareness of what branded goods are suitable for consumers and in which stores and centers these goods are located.” This is possible through the responsible device so that consumers can be sure that the purchased goods have been imported from official sources.

According to the Deputy Inspector General for Inspection and Investigation of Consumers and Producers Protection Organization, the registration of the goods order by the official representative of the importer and the commitment of after-sales service of imported goods will prevent the import of counterfeit goods and largely protect the store market.

Article 13 of the Law on Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling states: With the aim of identifying and intercepting foreign goods that enter the country through legal formalities and distinguishing them from smuggled goods or without the necessary licenses such as counterfeit, counterfeit, unsanitary and non-standard goods, The clearance of commercial goods is subject to the presentation of certificates of receipt of the goods ID, tracking ID, registration of certificates and ID number by the customs. In any case, the distribution and sale of imported goods in the retail market is subject to the installation of these two identifiers, otherwise these goods are considered smuggled.

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