Decrease in cement exports
Decrease in cement exports

خانه Decrease in cement exports

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Decrease in cement exports

Decrease in cement exports

Decrease in cement exports: The director general of Hamedan province customs said: the amount of cement exports in Hamedan in the first 11 months of this year compared to the same period last year decreased by 87% due to the closure of the Iraqi border.

Decrease in cement exports

According to Tasnim; Jamal Khashoei in the Working Group for the Development of Non-Oil Exports of Hamadan Province, referring to the launch of a cross-border trade unit window and a comprehensive customs system to facilitate the process of exporters, said: They make their declaration and even the trucks do not go to the customs door to clear the goods.

He stated that the registration of remote declarations is one of the customs privileges of Hamadan province, adding: “This measure is very effective in terms of reducing costs and time of goods clearance.” The director general of Hamadan customs said: They are done through a comprehensive customs system and the reduction of clearance time has led to the satisfaction of exporters and importers.

He said: the number of stable exporters in Hamedan province in 1993 was 40, which has increased to 75 this year, while if there was no satisfaction with the performance of Hamedan customs, the number of exporters would decrease. Other customs are issued because either the buyer is not a Hamedani product or the goods are cleared at the border according to the contract and the buyer’s request.

Referring to the export problems from Hamedan customs, he stated: “One of the export problems in Hamedan province is the certificate of origin, and also the standard office pays more attention based on the job descriptions, which has led to the dissatisfaction of exporters.”

The director general of Hamedan province customs, emphasizing that we have no obstacles in the field of export in the province and other neighboring organizations, added: the clearance of export goods in Hamedan customs is one hour and the import is done within three days.

He said: “Non-return of money is another problem of exporters, so that four carpets were exported to the United States, UAE and China, but the money has not been cashed yet.” We have the border closed so that Turkey and Pakistan reduced cement exports from Hamedan by 87%.

He stated that in the 11 months of this year, 115 million and 560 thousand dollars of goods have been exported from the customs of Hamadan province, he said: Exports from Malayer customs have increased by 87% and the amount of exports of Hamadan province has decreased by 4% compared to last year. Noting that the target export markets of Hamedan province have increased, he added: “Merchants should clear their customs and export from the customs of Hamedan province, because the privileges of Hamedan customs are higher than the customs of Bandar Abbas and other borders.”

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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