Reduction of export gas prices
Reduction of export gas prices

خانه Reduction of export gas prices

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Reduction of export gas prices

Reduction of export gas prices

Reduction of export gas prices: Referring to Iran’s condemnation in the second gas arbitration, the Minister of Oil announced a 12 to 13 percent reduction in the price of Iranian gas exports to Turkey and said: Negotiations are underway on how to pay gas discount to Turks.

Newsroom: Nearly 10 months after the issuance of the international arbitration ruling on Butash Turkey’s claim that the price of Iranian gas is expensive, the final arbitration ruling has finally been announced. The exact timing of the reduction in Iran’s gas exports has not yet been set. Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh also said in a live television interview last night that Turkey was seeking a 50 percent reduction in the price of gas imported from Iran. He said: “Even during the visit of the President of Iran to this country, the President of Turkey announced a proposal to reduce the price of imported gas by 50%, which was opposed by Iran.” Implementation of obligations in the implementation of the gas export contract to Turkey, he clarified: but in the second arbitration, the final vote in favor of Turkey has been announced. “Negotiate with the Turkish side on how to do it.” A 13 percent hash of Iran’s export gas price is underway to reach an understanding on gas delivery and scheduling.

Zanganeh also explained in response to a question about the payment of a $ 2 billion fine for Iranian gas to Turkey: “This is not a fine and it is a kind of reduction in the price of exported gas.” “Iran probably has to pay about $ 1 billion in gas compensation to Turkey,” the National Gas Company told reporters, referring to Iran’s gas conviction. Tehran-Ankara officials signed a 25-year contract in August 1996, according to which 10 billion cubic meters of Iranian gas would be exported to Turkey annually.

At present, Iran’s pressure boosting facilities and gas transmission network have a daily transmission capacity of 30 million cubic meters of gas to Turkey.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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