Green Customs Corridor, a path to currency
Green Customs Corridor, a path to currency

خانه Green Customs Corridor, a path to currency

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Green Customs Corridor, a path to currency

Green Customs Corridor, a path to currency

Green Customs Corridor, a path for exchange: The Green Customs Corridor of Iran and Russia, which entered the pilot phase at the beginning of February, is now in the final stages of implementation. According to the customs publication, many measures were taken to achieve the result and implementation of this corridor, and the Iranian customs used all its power in this way so that Iranian traders could import their products to the Russian markets.

Despite Iran’s high export capacity, there have been many problems for exports so far, but in recent years, Iran’s customs has taken measures to facilitate exports, one of which is to follow up and implement the green customs corridor between Iran and Russia.

In this section, 11 Iranian companies can enter the Russian market without customs formalities. After completing the list of persons, the information was sent to the Russian customs and with the follow-ups, the Russian customs requested the Russian business partners of the Iranian exporters. After holding the necessary meetings and coordination, the required information was sent and the Russian customs announced a number of introduced companies. Has been accepted and thus the document of implementation of the Customs Green Protocol enters the experimental phase. Export prices of Iranian goods will be sent to Russian customs. Translation of the price and value of Iranian export goods is also available in Russian so that Russian customs officials can estimate those prices by referring to the customs declaration made by the importer of Iranian goods at the destination customs. Find out the accuracy of prices and facilitate the work process.

Mohammadi, the director of customs affairs of Shirin Asal Company, says about the customs action for the implementation of the Green Corridor: “Iranian companies will definitely experience an increase in exports, and the Russian customs will perform less formalities for the import of Iranian goods.”

Referring to the advantages of the Green Customs Corridor, he said: “Fortunately, with the establishment of the Green Customs Corridor between Iran and Russia, we are witnessing an increase in the trade balance of Iranian companies, especially Shirin Asal Company.” Iranian to follow more easily.

The official in charge of Shirin Asal Company continued: creating a green corridor will greatly reduce export costs and the currency will enter the country more easily. The project has not yet been fully implemented, but it is expected that the full implementation of Iran’s relations with Russia will increase significantly.

Referring to some barriers to domestic exports, Mohammadi added: “Most goods now have to use the temporary entry route for export, which is another type of customs facility, while the green route can be used by creating a company ranking system.” This will also reduce customs costs, as it will take less time to process.

He stressed: “Companies that have a lot of exports have received a high degree of ranking based on the system and can benefit from this measure.” On the other hand, Homayoun Ajami, director of Kaleh’s export supply chain, pointed to customs measures to facilitate exports and create a green corridor, and said: Kaleh’s correspondence was done with Russia and the names of customers were sent to both Iranian and Russian customs.

He added: “Kaleh Company has 3 orders a week from Russia, which can use its green customs route to export its products to other countries, including Russia, more easily.”

Ajami continued: “The most important problem that currently exists in the export sector is the customs of Dagestan, Azerbaijan, which opens the seals of Iran and does not give the driver delivery minutes.” Meanwhile, the Russian side is also critical of this issue and requests the seal of the seal from the driver. By creating a green customs corridor, these problems will be removed from the company and will definitely reduce our export costs.

The official at the Kale company added: “Some time ago, a number of containers were left in Russia because of these issues, each of which cost about $ 800.” The total amount of containers was about $ 44,000, which hurt the company. On the other hand, the green customs route also reduces some of our pilot and sample costs, and I hope we can take advantage of this good customs action as soon as possible.

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