4% tax and criticisms of it
4% tax and criticisms of it

خانه 4% tax and criticisms of it

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4% tax and criticisms of it

4% tax and criticisms of it

4% tax and criticisms of it: According to the public relations of the Iran Chamber, Pedram Soltani, Vice President of the Iran Chamber, in a letter to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance criticized the receipt of 4% tax on the definitive import of goods and on behalf of the Iran Chamber on behalf of activists Economic and economic organizations demanded the repeal of this directive by customs.

4% tax

Iranian Customs has announced in a circular dated September 25, 2016 that the import tax will be increased from 2% to 4%; The issue was criticized today by Muzaffar Alikhani, Deputy Minister of Technical and Commercial Services of the Iran Chamber, and in an interview with the Iran Chamber news website, he announced the chamber’s opposition to the directive, saying: “The Iran Chamber opposes this proposal.”

In his letter to Ali Tayebnia, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Pedram Soltani, citing the reasons for the Iranian Chamber of Commerce’s opposition to the increase in taxes on imported goods, called for “the directive to be made final by the Iranian Customs.”

The letter states that the receipt of this amount from definitive imports in the current situation, duties and negative consequences, including “sudden increase in the cost price of imported goods; Occurrence of relevant inflationary effects in the country’s economy; Exacerbation of lack of liquidity and working capital of economic units; Further unfavorable business environment and lowering the country’s global ranking in the cross-border trade index; The process of legal import of goods has become more expensive and, as a result, the smuggling of goods has become more widespread; Creating grounds for administrative corruption due to the interpretive nature of the said directive.

Earlier, some media outlets reported that the tax increase on importers had been proposed by a representative of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and a representative of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. While rejecting this claim, Muzaffar Alikhani, Technical and Commercial Services Deputy of Iranov Chamber, stated that this proposal was made by the Tax Affairs Organization of the country and based on the authority of Article 163 of Direct Taxes approved in 1987 and its subsequent amendment.

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