Stop registering car orders
Stop registering car orders

خانه Stop registering car orders

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Stop registering car orders

Stop registering car orders

Stopping car order registration; The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade closed the order registration of passenger car imports into the country. Was also suspended.

Prohibition of car order registration

According to some representative importers, the car import order registration site has been closed for more than 20 days and none of the importing companies are allowed to register cars in this system. This is in the context that the list of authorized passenger cars to the country is still available on its “registration” site; However, in January of last year, following the closure of the order registration site for all car importers, the list of authorized imported cars was removed from the “registration” site. One of the car importers told our correspondent that in response to the importers’ repeated follow-up regarding the reason for this issue and the time of reactivation of the order registration site, the ministry did not announce a specific time and explained the reason for closing the order registration site. On the one hand, and the disconnection of the integrated system of the Office of Import and Export Regulations with the customs on the other hand.

In some circumstances, the Ministry of Industry has considered the organization of the order registration system as the main reason for this issue, and some informed sources state that the increase in the number of cars imported to the country can be the main reason for closing the order registration site. According to a member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, 30,714 vehicles were imported in the first quarter of this year, which indicates a growth of more than 135% in car imports. Acceleration of car imports due to increased car clearance by Miscellaneous (non-representative) companies to the country; The reason for these companies is the ban on importing cars for them, following the announcement of the foreign exchange market control instructions by the first vice president. Accordingly, because the non-representative importers had only 6 months to clear their cars through customs, they did their best to import their past orders into the country. Thus, it seems that the Ministry intends to control the import of cars into the country by closing the order registration site.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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