IPhone import license by several companies
IPhone import license by several companies

خانه IPhone import license by several companies

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IPhone import license by several companies

IPhone import license by several companies

IPhone import license by several companies : Deputy Minister of Industry comments on the authorized import of iPhone: 23 companies have licenses The Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade, Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: Although about 23 companies have been licensed for official import of iPhone, but only five or six companies have succeeded in importing .

IPhone import license

In an interview with ISNA, Yadollah Sadeghi, in response to a question about the discrepancies regarding the number of official representatives of Apple’s importer, said: “So far, about 23 companies have received licenses in this field, but only a small number of them have imported.”

He also stated: “Regarding some goods for which it is not possible to represent the country of origin, due to the coordination made with the Anti-Trafficking and Currency Headquarters, it was decided to consider measures for official import to prevent smuggling.” To be taken. Accordingly, the relevant licenses were provided to these companies. The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade also explained: For these companies, after-sales service was considered as a precondition and it was decided to provide these services, so it was necessary. These companies have an after-sales service network to be reviewed and approved by the Consumer Protection Organization and its producers.

In response to the question that there are still complaints about the lack of after-sales service for the iPhone, Sadeghi said: “If there is an example for this claim, it should be presented as an example, because first before obtaining a license, after-sales service Sales have been one of the requirements of these companies and the protection organization has conducted several studies in this regard. “We can not classify trade union activists based on the amount of capital. Therefore, if we are going to discuss the issue of micro and macro capital of our companies, this issue is debatable, and therefore regulations are needed,” he said. The country should be designed in such a way that any person with any financial ability can use it.

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