customer relation management
customer relation management

خانه customer relation management

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customer relation management

customer relation management

Customer Relationship Management: refers to all the processes and technologies that are used in companies and organizations to identify, persuade, expand, maintain and provide better customer service. Principles of customer relationship management, how to successfully create a system and implement it to communicate with customers from the beginning and initial implementation of such a system to its maintenance at different times

The concept of customer relationship management

A complete set of processes and technologies for managing the relationship with current and potential customers and those involved in marketing, sales and service, regardless of the type of customer relationship paths.

Customer relationship management is a business strategy to select and manage customers to optimize and increase the value of the company as well as sales in the long run. Customer relationship management is a comprehensive business and marketing strategy that integrates technology, processes and all business activities around the customer.

Customer relationship management is a one-piece information system that is used to plan, schedule and control the activities before and after the sale of the organization and with the aim of empowering customers to interact with the organization through various tools such as website, telephone, etc.

Reasons for the importance of customer orientation

Saving time

One of the unpleasant realities of sales is that the workload is huge. Your sales force and their staff spend a lot of time playing cards instead of engaging in sales activities. CRM can not eliminate the hustle and bustle of work, but it can automate some of it and speed things up. This means more labor savings as well as more profits and commissions.


Using the CRM system makes it easier for you to organize your work. This system also allows you to easily categorize different things to make them easier to find and also not to miss anything. If you tell a customer that you will call them on Thursday, if something like this is recorded in the CRM system, it is less likely to be forgotten. The system can not only remind you of the call but also provide you with the information you promised the customer.


Sales is an interactive game, and even if you are not a member of the sales team, you should keep in touch with other members of the sales team and share various information, including the progress of sales leads in the sales funnel. CRM can automate most of these communications and provide users with a variety of information, and it can also help sales team members have different templates or scripts for general emails and phone calls.

Create sales leads faster

Once you have information about your product, you can generate sales leads more quickly, and the customer relationship management system makes it easier for you to find the information you need, and you can better answer potential customers’ questions and find the time. Save information.

Establish order

The CRM system helps you to be orderly in classifying customer information and calls and all that. Although some people’s memory is very strong, still no one can remember all the information.

Managing sales efforts

This is not just for sales managers, but for all members of the sales team to have a track record of their performance and to predict their performance in the coming months. CRM can provide you with the information you need to track your performance and provide good information with accurate reports on your daily and monthly performance.

services management

Using the CRM system, all matters related to ordering services in the organization can be supported, from issues such as pricing and processing the customer to taking the order and determining the best person to deal with the customer.

Sales planning

Sales team can analyze CRM data to predict overall sales and estimated revenue.

Identify customer needs

The use of CRM makes the needs of customers identified and the appropriate response to the current and future needs of customers is considered.

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