Border guards were exempt from import duties
Border guards were exempt from import duties

خانه Border guards were exempt from import duties

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Border guards were exempt from import duties

Border guards were exempt from import duties

Border residents were exempted from import duties: New government decisions to regulate baggage / Border residents were exempted from import duties.

Exemption of border residents from airports

The entry agreed for each of the border residents who have resided in the provinces of West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah for at least three years at a maximum distance of 20 km and in Sistan and Baluchestan province at a maximum of 50 km from the zero point of the border.

According to this decision, each of the eligible border residents will be exempted from the reduction of legal import duties by five hundred thousand tomans per month. With this decision, in addition to the fact that from now on, these goods will be officially imported under the supervision of the country, but it will also provide a good opportunity for the border residents to move through the main route without tolerating colbury and by transferring the goods within the allowed monthly limit. Organize the legal boundaries of their livelihood. This will significantly reduce the country’s smuggling statistics.

According to Haji Mirzaei, Secretary of the Cabinet, this tax deduction allocates 900 billion tomans each year in the form of fair subsidy allocation to border residents and causes a positive change in their livelihood. Effective monitoring of the implementation of this decree and decisive prevention of the re-formation of informal passages will ensure the achievement of the objectives of this decree.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, changes will be made in the situation of border markets according to the above table. Article one of this decree emphasizes that the source of funding for the infrastructure of new border markets will be the location of the relevant province. The start of operation of any new border market is subject to the completion of the required infrastructure of that market and at the discretion of the working group mentioned in Note 1 of Article 103 of the Law on Customs Affairs.

It is worth mentioning that the responsibility of this working group is with the Ministry of Interior and it includes the full representatives of the Customs, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Information, Roads and Urban Development, Industry and Mining and the police force and the Program and Budget Organization. Pursuant to Article 4 of the said Instruction, the establishment of a new border market is subject to the consent of the other country in the establishment of mutual infrastructure and facilities and the approval of the Council of Ministers.


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