Tax breaks for tourism investors
Tax breaks for tourism investors

خانه Tax breaks for tourism investors

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Tax breaks for tourism investors

Tax breaks for tourism investors

Tax Exemptions for Tourism Investors: The Director General of the Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization of Iran says that those foreign and domestic investors who invest in the tourism sector will enjoy tax exemptions. This tax exemption is 13 years in deprived areas and five years in non-deprived areas.

Tourism investment

Mohammad Khazaei – Deputy Minister of Economy – at the International Conference on Investment in the Tourism Industry, on the conditions of foreign investors to invest in Iran, said: “Investors who enter to invest in various sectors of the Iranian economy can enjoy a three-year residence permit.” This three-year stay can be extended.

The director general of the Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance Organization of Iran also said: “All the risks related to the investment of foreign investors are guaranteed and I must say that this situation is stable with the change of the cabinet minister and investors should not worry about future changes.” Also, foreign investors should not worry about the return on their investment, because at the time of the embargo, $ 900 million was paid in foreign cases by the government. This shows the government’s commitment to foreign investors.

The Deputy Minister of Economy added: “Also, foreign investors are not obliged to come to the Foreign Investment Organization for a guarantee.”

Khazaei also commented on the political uproar: “Foreign investors should not worry about the political uproar against Iran over the violation of monetary and financial transfers.” In the past few days, I heard the German Minister of Economy say that investing in Iran is a bit difficult in the current situation of foreign investment in Iran, and this of course shows the presence of the Zionists in Germany and their influence, which also became a domestic news feed, but the fact is that such No, and now the investment conditions in Iran are very good and the Iranian government also gives valid guarantees to foreign investors.

He also explained: “Since 1394, there have been numerous requests from foreign investors to enter the country, and as a result, more than $ 9 billion in guarantees have been issued by us, and investing in Iran has been so attractive to foreign countries that In the case of Germany, the reinvestment seeks to invest the profits in the same sector.

The Deputy Minister of Economy also explained about the employment of foreigners: The employment of foreigners is not prohibited, if they have specialization, they will also stay for three years.

Regarding the conditions for benefiting from the National Development Fund, Khazaei said: “There are conditions for using the resources of the National Development Fund that are effective, but the recommendation of the Foreign Investment Organization is that investors rely on their own resources.” Regarding land acquisition, I must say that according to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, no legal and real ceiling in Iran can own land, but the Foreign Investment Law approved by the parliament stipulates that if a person registers for a foreign company in Iran and needs land That person can apply for land for their facilities.

He also explained about the exemptions: According to the latest changes in the tax law, all activities and investments in the field of hospital and tourism are exempt from taxes for five to 13 years, 13 years for deprived areas and five years for non-deprived areas.

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