New import bans / details of new customs notification
New import bans / details of new customs notification

خانه New import bans / details of new customs notification

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New import bans / details of new customs notification

New bans on the import of goods

New bans on the import of goods; According to the correspondent of the Economy and Bank of Iran News Network (IBNA), in a circular addressed to all the country’s customs, the Iranian Customs announced some new customs regulations in carrying out goods transfer formalities and set new prohibitions on customs clearance.

In this circular written by Ali Akbar Shamani; The head of the Center for Import and Affairs of Free and Special Zones has been notified: following the circular No. 46454/93 dated 19. 03. 93 and 188455/93 dated 15. 10. Honorable General Directorate of Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Circular No. 39953/95 dated 95. 03. 04 In order to organize and unify the action in the control of goods transfer procedures under the internal transit procedure, please order the following actions:

New bans on the import of goods

– Internal passage from border customs to other customs is not possible and the owners of goods are obliged to clear their goods at the customs of entry and the exceptions are as follows:

A: The cases subject to Note 3 of Article 60 of the Law on Customs Affairs, which are explicitly mentioned in the shipping documents of domestic cities.

B: Border Cooperatives can be used after obtaining ownership of the goods and inquiring about the allowable quota and in case of destination customs in the shipping documents.

A: Imported goods in the name of production units to the requested destinations if there is an establishment or operation license related to the imported goods.

D: Internal transit of imported goods to participate in international exhibitions.

2 – Interior passage of automobiles and road construction machinery, home appliances (even parts), cigarettes and tobacco products, mobile phones and accessories, gold and jewelry and other precious metals, drug precursors, computers and notebooks and accessories And computer equipment, CCTV cameras and their parts and equipment, medicine and health and beauty products, medical equipment, textiles, ceramics, toys, carpets, rubber, car spare parts, sanitary valves, food, Glue to Lorestan (Khorramabad), Yasuj, Shahrekord, Zarandieh, Saveh, Hamedan, Zanjan, Khoy, Ilam, Tehran, Genaveh, Bandar Lengeh, Sanandaj, Bojnourd and Sari exhibitions is prohibited.

Note: Sending all transit consignments is subject to loading in containers that meet the requirements, and it is mandatory to control goods such as fruit with radiographs before performing formalities in customs equipped with these devices. It is also necessary to announce the receipt of the received consignments as soon as possible and the necessary follow-ups for this purpose should be done from the customs of origin.

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