The ban on issuing bank transfers was lifted
The ban on issuing bank transfers was lifted

خانه The ban on issuing bank transfers was lifted

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The ban on issuing bank transfers was lifted

The ban on issuing bank transfers was lifted

The ban on issuing bank transfers was lifted; By a recent order from the central bank, banks were required to issue satna and stable remittances without requiring the customer to have an account with the bank. In this case, interbank transfer will be done more easily for customers.

Satna and Paya systems act as an alternative to interbank checks and transfer interbank funds more quickly and accurately, but with less risk and cost. Since the launch of these systems, while stopping the paper process, complex and time consuming changes in the regulatory, policy and customer dimensions in the banking industry.

Satna and Paya systems were initially associated with some limitations, which were gradually resolved to some extent, and banks were required to provide easier services to their customers through these systems.

However, due to the uncertainty of the destination account information, due to the possibility of a mistake by the user or customer in entering the Sheba number, as well as the inactivity of the destination account and the possibility of returning the remittance, had consequences and problems. In this case, not providing services such as processing and sending the check amount through Satna and Paya remittance without having a customer account in the source bank and the need for multiple customer accounts in different banks were among the challenges.

Based on this, some time ago, a central system called Sheba Inquiry System was produced by the Central Bank and provided to the banks. This system, in addition to the advantage of controlling such things as the accuracy of the name and surname of the person to whom the Sheba number belongs, as well as the activation of the destination account, also provided the possibility of presenting in different banks (through branches, internet, etc.).

Therefore, with the launch of the Sheba inquiry system, the excuse of the banks for the unknown owner of the Sheba number in the transfer through Satna and Paya was removed, because in the previous case, due to the risk it could bring, the banks were not ready for customers who They do not have an account in a bank to issue a transfer to another bank.

But recently, the central bank issued a directive obliging banks to lift the ban. In such a way that the banks are now obliged to issue a remittance for the applicant, regardless of whether or not he has a bank account in the bank in question.

The Central Bank’s directive states that due to the resolution of some problems, including the launch of the Sheba inquiry system, for the well-being of customers, the avoidance of physical money transfers, the elimination of relevant security risks, and the replacement of encrypted checks with remittances. Electronic, it is stipulated that the provision of brokerage service and sending the amount of the check through Satna and Paya remittance without the obligatory obligation to have an account in the source bank should not become mandatory.

In order to implement this issue, banks are obliged to use the inquiry system in the process of providing services in SATNA and reliable, and the banks themselves will be responsible for any problems arising from non-compliance with the relevant regulations.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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