free trade zones
free trade zones

خانه free trade zones

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free trade zones

free trade zones

free trade zones ; Although there is no comprehensive definition of free zones, the World Bank definition seems to be a more complete one:

Free Zones

A free trade area is a specific territory, often located within or adjacent to a port, where free trade with other parts of the world is permitted. If the goods can be exported from these areas or imported to these areas without paying customs duties and taxes, they can be stored in a warehouse for a while, packed and re-exported if necessary.

Goods entering the host country from the free trade zone pay customs duties and taxes. Export processing areas, in addition to the above facilities, provide the facilities and services required for the production, conversion of raw materials and imported intermediate goods into final products for export and sometimes for sale in the domestic market, subject to the usual customs duties and taxes. . For this reason, the free processing zone of export is a special industrial zone whose products have an export orientation. Facilities in these areas to attract foreign investors and facilitate their establishment and are usually accompanied by other incentives.

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