Agree to import fire trucks
Agree to import fire trucks

خانه Agree to import fire trucks

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Agree to import fire trucks

Agree to import fire trucks

Agree to import fire trucks; The cabinet approved the import of fire trucks, and the cabinet approved a plan to reduce the risk of landslides in Tehran at its Sunday evening meeting, chaired by President Hassan Rouhani.

The Cabinet approved the plan to reduce the risk of landslides in Tehran with the aim of paying more attention to the causes, consequences and strategies to combat it and also to increase safety in the field of vital arteries in Tehran with a preventive approach. .

Agree to import fire trucks

The Council of Ministers further agreed to issue permits to continue the implementation of some projects subject to environmental impact assessment without a permit and with physical progress, subject to special conditions. Markazi and Tehran are Shafarood dam in Gilan province and Khorsan 3 dam and power plant are in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province.

In order to pay special attention to the vulnerable and needy sections of the society, especially those who lose their head of household during natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc., the Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to Cooperation of the Ministry of Interior to reconstruct the residential units of the mentioned persons.

The Council of Ministers also allocated 4 billion and 500 million Rials in grants to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development to build 15 housing units for families who lost their head in the village of Chenar due to floods. The cost ceiling of each residential unit is 300 million rials, which is spent in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

The government approved the executive regulations of the statute of the Red Crescent Society regarding the presence of the staff of the executive bodies in the matter of voluntary relief in today’s meeting.

Pursuant to this regulation, the Red Crescent Society was obliged to insure the unemployed volunteers subject to this regulation in death and accident insurance, in case the mentioned persons suffer injuries, disabilities or deaths while performing their duties, in accordance with the relevant insurance criteria. Compensate for damages.

Then, with the approval of the government, the financial, transactional, administrative and employment regulations of the National Development Fund and its subsequent amendments were approved as the fund’s regulations in administrative, employment, financial and transactional affairs, subject to the law on permanent provisions of the country’s development programs.

Following the meeting, the Council of Ministers approved a bill that would allow the government to amend the articles of association of the management companies of production, transmission and distribution of Iranian electricity (Tavanir).

Also, according to the government’s decision, the executive actions of dissolving the parent company specialized in construction and supply of water and electricity (Satkab) were suspended and the company was obliged to carry out its legal activities in accordance with the articles of association after making the necessary structural reforms.

In order to equip the necessary facilities to deal with accidents and the need for all rescue devices to use fire trucks and modern equipment, with the proposal of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to import fire trucks and related equipment with a maximum age 5 years of construction, provided he did not produce in-house and only agreed to have an after-sales service agency.

Considering the creation and development of towns and industrial areas based on the needs of the provinces and the concerns of provincial officials regarding the problems of construction or non-construction of the town or industrial area, the government decided to review and approve the environmental reports of towns and industrial areas of 100 hectares. Up to 200 hectares were handed over to the provinces.

The Cabinet made the decision in order to avoid centralism, bureaucracy and also to spend a lot of time reviewing environmental assessment reports at the center.

In the end, according to the need of Behkadeh Razavi Agricultural Joint Stock Company (in charge of the affairs related to the treatment of leprosy in the country) to the land ownership documents of the relevant area to receive facilities and legal measures, the Cabinet determined in the form of a bill on Behkadeh Razavi property.

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