Customs barriers to export and import
Customs barriers to export and import

خانه Customs barriers to export and import

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Customs barriers to export and import

Customs barriers to export and import

Customs barriers to export and import; The most important problems related to customs affairs can be considered as customs formalities, laws and regulations, infrastructure, organizational structure, education and information and monitoring the performance of the customs organization …
In the case of customs formalities, lengthy and time-consuming processes related to customs procedures, depot of cargoes at customs and capital sleep and increase of customs costs due to non-acceptance of the certificate of origin and certificates obtained by the importer, long and time-consuming laboratory hours Some customs with ports and other neighboring organizations, high bureaucracy and waste of clearance and accumulation of goods due to sampling operations in customs, increasing the cost of providing customs services and thus increasing the price, completed for the consumer and … is evident.

However, regarding the laws and regulations, the problems related to non-approval of all executive regulations related to the new customs law should be solved, and also in order to solve structural and organizational problems, full efforts should be made to increase non-oil exports and separate from the single economy. The product that is one of the basic components of the resistance economy announced by the Supreme Leader should be well realized. Regarding the creation of a single window as one of the main ways to improve the business environment, it is worth noting that this action should be done in a way that reduces the number of days, reduces costs, reduces the required documents and reduces the number of certifying authorities in the implementation of various procedures. Do not increase the bureaucracy and create problems for the owners of goods.

The first step in order to implement customs planning is to standardize the activities of customs units and prevent an unnecessary increase in their number. Given that the reduction in the number of current customs can be met with resistance from local officials, it is better that by creating flexibility in manpower and customs duties, some customs units instead of providing services on a full-time basis, relying on electronic and network tools, while Maintain customs supervision in different areas, provide customs services on a part-time basis.

Establishing custom customs can have both negative and positive effects. On the other hand, the establishment of specialized customs leads to the specialization of customs formalities, appropriate pricing, integration of equipped laboratories, and as a result, customs formalities are shortened and optimized, but at the same time will be.

All customs must provide all the services required by traders with appropriate quality. Specialized customs are necessary because of their desirability, to enable traders to bring their goods to specialized customs; Not that this action should be done by force and the merchants should pay for it. If the location of customs is optimal in creating specialized customs for specific goods and saves time and money of the owner of the goods, the import and export process from specialized customs will be formed automatically.

Due to the importance of the customs process in sending export products and importing raw materials and parts required by manufacturers, the existence of time-consuming administrative procedures is one of the problems of all manufacturers, including ن non-cooperation of the standard office and Razi Laboratory. Depending on the volume of exports, all export products should be sampled and sent to the laboratory. While they can be sampled randomly and periodically to save exporters time. Of course, the new customs plan regarding three-day clearance and tracking of owners of goods is very appropriate and can solve some of the existing problems. As for the problem of tolls for Iranian trucks on the Turkish border, what is obvious is natural and at the same time high tolls to Iran due to lower fuel prices in the country, which is hoped to solve the problems with the advice of officials.

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