Car assembly for export
Car assembly for export

خانه Car assembly for export

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Car assembly for export

Car assembly for export

Car assembly for export; An expert in the automotive industry said: “The fastest possible way to increase employment in the automotive industry is to focus on assembling automobiles for export abroad.” Is.

Car assembly for export purpose

He stated that the industry should be transformed from assembly for the purpose of domestic consumption to assembly for export, adding that the assembly of export cars will create significant employment in domestic automakers. The automotive industry expert continued: , The long-standing goal of car manufacturing should also be pursued, but in the way of car manufacturing, assembly should not be neglected for export.

He added: “For assembling cars for export, we should cooperate with reputable international automakers and use the current knowledge of the world automotive industry. Fortunately, last year several contracts were concluded with foreign automakers in this field.” Encouraged to invest in Iran, he stated: “We hope that with the measures started in cooperation with international automakers in the automotive industry, we will see a quantitative and qualitative growth of domestically produced cars.”

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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