Gas Leakage Detector
Gas Leakage Detector

خانه Gas Leakage Detector

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Gas Leakage Detector

What is a Gas Leakage Detector and its application?

Gas Leakage Detector; One of the tools used to detect the presence of a gas in an area or part of a system is a gas leak detector. It is commonly used to detect harmful, flammable and toxic gases such as carbon dioxide that are harmful to human health.

It is very important to detect dangerous and deadly gases. Today, gas leak detectors can detect the presence of gas in a certain range with high accuracy. Usually, gas leak detectors can detect the type of gas and the amount of ambient gas by a sensitive and fast sensor. Give and warn alarmingly.

Gas leak detectors are different according to the function of their sensors in gas detection. These sensors use different methods of electrochemical, infrared, flame ionization, optical ionization, etc., each of which has weaknesses and strengths compared to the other. Are different. For example, the infrared method uses the property that many gases absorb infrared rays at specific wavelengths or bands, which is characteristic of the chemical structure of molecules in the gas. All hydrocarbon gases absorb infrared rays, but in different degrees and with a certain percentage of their absorption, the type of gas can be understood.

Gas leak detectors are usually resistant to various weather conditions, but it should be noted that in principle, leak detection in cases of strong winds and storms, rain and snowfall, as well as on the surface covered with water, snow and ice are useless and have incorrect results. Be.

Application of gas leak detector

Gas leak detectors have different applications. The ultrasonic type is used to check the sealing of a product and its leakage. But other types of leak detectors, depending on the type of sensor, can also be used to sense city gas, or refrigerant gases to detect leaks in refrigerators or refrigeration systems. But gas analyzers, which are mostly used in chimneys, are used in all industrial places that have a combustion furnace and need to determine fuel efficiency and control gas pollutants. Air quality control devices are also used in laboratories, flower and plant breeding centers and to test for environmental pollutants.

Introducing approved brands of gas leak detectors:

The best gas leak detector is from the best brands such as Hong Hong Standard, Taiwan Lutron and KIMO France.

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