Install identification code and hologram on 11 high-consumption spare parts
Install identification code and hologram on 11 high-consumption spare parts

خانه Install identification code and hologram on 11 high-consumption spare parts

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Install identification code and hologram on 11 high-consumption spare parts

Install identification code and hologram on 11 high-consumption spare parts

Installation of identification code and hologram on 11 high-consumption spare parts; According to Khabar Khodro, the secretary of the Parts Manufacturers Association, while pointing to a specific solution to solve the problem of parts smuggling, announced the creation of a database to identify and record the technical and general specifications of all auto parts and said: to identify and prevent the entry of parts Which is smuggled into the country, the installation of holograms and tracking codes on 11 high-consumption spare parts will be done soon.

Install hologram spare parts

In an interview with Khabar Khodro, Maziar Biglou stated: “Since last year, in order to prevent the smuggling of goods, a working group consisting of representatives of guilds, the Association of Parts Manufacturers, the Association of Importers and Repairers and customs representatives was formed in the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.” As a result of holding these meetings, a database has now been formed to enter the technical and physical information and general specifications of the parts, which fortunately, this movement has had a very good and forward trend so far. According to him, according to this, each part Which is cleared at customs must have a specific barcode.

He pointed out that any piece that enters can be tracked if it has a specific barcode: During the investigation of smuggling parts, the Penitentiary Organization by referring to the parts warehouses and access to parts without barcodes and holograms, this process To determine the origin of smuggled and counterfeit parts.

At present, there is no problem for parts to be imported through official and legal bases, and the only major problem with parts is generally poor quality, which has no official source of entry, identification and specifications.

He further announced the holding of the first meetings of this working group in the new year next week and said: “Based on the prioritization, car parts are in the first priority and other goods are being examined step by step.”

Secretary of the Parts Manufacturers Association added: In the first stage and during the working group meetings, 11 parts that have the most consumption in the spare parts market have been defined, which mainly include parts such as pads, candles, lights and tires and a number of other parts that are general consumption have.

Bigloo stated: After completing the information of these 11 items of high-consumption parts, other parts will be entered in the next steps of their information in order to cover all the parts in this process.

According to the schedule provided for the completion of this project, he said: The Anti-Trafficking Headquarters has announced the necessary time to complete the review and registration of parts information. The launch of the database and the entry of basic information should be determined that by this time the first step of this project is almost completed, of course, the second and third phases of this project and the time of its completion is a matter related to the Ministry of Industry and Mines The plan will definitely affect the flow of smuggled parts. Of course, many organizations are involved in this process, and if each of these chains does not do its job properly, we will not achieve the desired result.

He said: “To prevent the entry of smuggled parts, we believe that the collision should not be done at the end, but should be prevented from the beginning of this type of parts in customs or by changing the tariff rate or creating better control mechanisms, manage this flow.” Appeared.

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