Trading point
Trading point

خانه Trading point

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Trading point

Trading point

Trading point; Presented for the first time by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to provide international business opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The business point contains recommendations and guidelines for business efficiency. In commercial areas, the public and private sectors cooperate in the field of trade.

For example, units related to foreign exchange, including customs, banks, chambers of commerce, transportation and insurance, etc., come together or communicate virtually to be able to provide all the services needed for commercial transactions.

Business Points is also a business-related information center that provides users with information about potential business opportunities, customers, suppliers, and business rules and regulations.

Introduction to Iran Trade Development Organization – Introduction to the Ministry of Commerce

In general, the main goal of the business efficiency program through the business point is to create a platform for low-cost and secure access to strategic information. Trade points stimulate change and introduce better business operations in all areas of business.

Any natural or legal person who wants to enter the business can take advantage of the trading point.

Governments benefit from point-of-sale services and programs to improve trade. Small and medium-sized enterprises also benefit from the services provided, including access to the world network of commercial outlets. Local business connections are also another service for small and medium-sized enterprises that provide a business point.

The World Federation of Trade Unions was established with the aim of improving business efficiency, increasing the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in international trade, and gaining independence from UNCTAD with the participation of all trade points.

All the trading points of the countries of the world are connected to each other in a global electronic network called the global trading point network.

The Iran Trade Point was also established on the recommendation of UNCTAD, and the Islamic Republic of Iran became an official member of the Global Network of Trade Points, considering the important role of the Trade Point in providing trade information services and trade facilities to merchants.

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