Import iPhone from Dubai
Import iPhone from Dubai

خانه Import iPhone from Dubai

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Import iPhone from Dubai

Import iPhone from Dubai

In recent years, by not providing an official representative to Iran, Apple has given the available space to supply its products to various companies, and it has been about a year since the uncontrolled import of this product was noticed by the officials. The import of this product to the country has been stopped due to the ban on the import of goods from the United States, but after a few months, the first shipment of this product is scheduled to enter through the southern customs of the country.

These imports have now been assigned to 17 companies that have been approved by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization in terms of providing services and import qualifications. Gholamhossein Karimi, president of the Telecommunication Devices Union, said in an interview with Mizan about the companies that receive licenses to import iPhones: “To date, 17 companies have obtained licenses to import iPhones (Apple) into the country. These companies are legal and no real person is involved in the import of this product. The same services are provided from the United States of America. There is, and Apple’s one of its business policies It knows that it does not provide official representation to most countries in the world and only the sellers of this product are present in these countries and provide services only through their official Apple stores.

Import iPhone from Dubai

Karimi said that the import by these companies depends on the provision of their services, adding: “One of the arguments that these companies are allowed to import is that they should be from the Consumer and Producer Protection Organization, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.” Obtain a service license and have their qualifications approved, after which it will be referred to the Telecommunication Devices Union. Is not given.

He added: “In discussing the competitiveness of importing this product, it should be said that the import of this type of phone will not be limited to these few companies and in the future it is possible to add to these 17 companies and on the other hand the possibility of reducing them if they do not provide appropriate services.” Regarding the import of the first shipment of Apple phones to the country, the president of the Telecommunication Devices Union stated: “According to the promise given by these companies to the union, the first shipment of their Apple phones will enter customs within the next two days and it is possible that this Thursday The first shipment of these companies will enter Iran and be delivered to suppliers.

Karimi continued: “The import of these products is mainly from neighboring countries, but it seems that the first import is from the United Arab Emirates and will enter the country from Dubai.”

In the end, he clarified: the union’s request to the people is that they must buy this product from the licensed shops and make sure of the warranty of this product and keep in mind that the mobile phones have an ID and by sending a code 15 digits can ensure the health of this product.

According to this report, it remains to be seen whether with the official import of these phones, the hand of uncontrolled imports and various companies of this product will be shortened, or as in the past, along with these imports, this product will enter the country illegally and in a suitcase, and on the other hand Can these companies provide suitable services for the offered telephones?

On the other hand, it is questionable that the approval of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to companies to import and provide after-sales service will benefit the buyers of iPhone products, because none of these companies are officially affiliated with Apple. They are not in the United States and it is possible that if a person officially buys a phone from a company approved by the Ministry of Industry, he will face many problems when there is a problem with the product hardware, because the specialists of the mentioned companies provide training services. After-sales have not been monitored by the parent company, and these companies do not formally receive accessories from Apple USA, which multiplies customer costs.

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