Import of Indian potatoes
Import of Indian potatoes

خانه Import of Indian potatoes

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Import of Indian potatoes

Import of Indian potatoes

Everything about the import of Indian potatoes has been reported and insisted on by Indian sources for a few days, while the officials of our Ministry of Agriculture are unaware of it and have announced that the import of potatoes is prohibited and according to current laws. Smuggling is the only way to get this product.

Import of Indian potatoes

According to ISNA, Indian sources had recently reported the export of 5,000 tons of potatoes to Iran, while the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture and its officials sought to deny this, but the Indians still insist on selling and exporting potatoes to Iran.

Abbas Keshavarz – Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jihad Agriculture – told ISNA in this regard: “Considering that more than five million tons of potatoes are produced in Iran and there are no problems in terms of supply, production and market of this product, we do not need to import potatoes.” And since this product is a plant organ and is different from other agricultural products, there will be many sensitivities to import it, even if there is a shortage and problems in the domestic market, because potatoes can bring dangerous pests.

He added: “Currently, there is no report on the import of potatoes from India and the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture has not yet issued a permit in this regard.” Of course, the price of this product in Iran is such that even if the 40% tariff on potato imports is eliminated, it will not be economically viable for traders, because the cost price of Iranian potatoes is still cheaper than its import costs. : Currently, each kilogram of first-class potatoes is bought for about 700 tomans and 1300 tomans per kilogram is sold to consumers in the retail market. Therefore, there is no need to import potatoes and no issue economically justifies the import of this product. Restrictions should be made on banned products.

The import of potatoes is prohibited

Although the import of potatoes is not prohibited economically and commercially, Mehdi Ghaemian – Deputy of Quarantine and Pest Control of the Plant Protection Organization – told ISNA: “Due to the existing sensitivities for possible pests of imported potatoes, the import of this product is currently prohibited.” And so far there has been no record of potato imports from India.

He emphasized that Iran has been self-sufficient in potato production and supply for many years and has become an exporting country. And in some cases, we try to transit this product from countries such as Pakistan, but in this regard, there is no report on the import of potato seeds or the transit of this product through India, and if potatoes are imported, according to available information, this product It is considered smuggling.

However, it is not clear how true the news about the import of Indian potatoes, which is fueled by Indian news sources, is true, but if the statements of Indian sources are confirmed, we must see that the Indians’ insistence on exporting potatoes to Iran will be answered. Their claims are true or the denial of the officials of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture will result and they will not allow Indian potatoes to enter Iran. Of course, there are some hypotheses; For example, Indian potatoes have been given to Iran by this country due to the purification of goods with oil, or Indian potatoes have been able to enter Iran through free lands (special economic and free zones).

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