Cigarette imports are zero
Cigarette imports are zero

خانه Cigarette imports are zero

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Cigarette imports are zero

Cigarette imports are zero

Cigarette imports will be zero, the head of the Center for Tobacco Planning and Supervision said: In line with the implementation of Note 3 of Article 102 of the Fifth Development Plan Law, which required the government to convert imports into domestic production with the same main brand, Production was equivalent to 4.1 billion yarns.

Cigarette imports are zero

According to Tejarat News, Ali Asghar Ramzi stated: During the two months of this year, the country’s tobacco industry produced 4.1 billion yarns, which compared to the production of the same period last year, 1.8 billion yarns, equivalent to 128% growth and imports in the first two months of this year Half a billion yarns announced that compared to the same period last year, 2.5 billion yarns, equivalent to an 80 percent reduction in imports.

Ramzi stated that the purpose of Note 3 of Article 102 of the Fifth Development Plan Law is to meet the country’s needs from domestic production and reduce cigarette imports to zero. In order to fulfill this obligation of the law, this ratio increased to 82% in 2016, and in 1396, the plan to increase this ratio to more than 91% is on the agenda.

He also said that one of the important reasons for the significant decrease in the amount of cigarette smuggling in the last 3 years was the increase in domestic production. Authorized the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, and unauthorized suppliers of tobacco products are considered and dealt with as smugglers, and only three unions of supermarkets, grocers and abortionists issue retail licenses for tobacco products with special conditions for their affiliated units. they do.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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