Illegal import of 150 thousand tons of rice in the forbidden season
Illegal import of 150 thousand tons of rice in the forbidden season

خانه Illegal import of 150 thousand tons of rice in the forbidden season

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Illegal import of 150 thousand tons of rice in the forbidden season

Illegal import of 150 thousand tons of rice in the forbidden season

Illegal import of 150 thousand tons of rice in the forbidden season; According to Mashreq, the Minister of Jihad for Agriculture announced in a circular No. 020/29919 on November 17 last year in order to support farmers and domestic production that the import and clearance of rice is not allowed under any conditions and cover from August 1, 1995.

Hojjati also announced on June 17 this year that following the decree of the Economic Council and the circular issued, not even one kilogram of rice will enter the country from the last day of July.

واردات غیرقانونی برنج

But according to the news that was published earlier, in the last days of July this year, more than 60,000 tons of rice have been declared and registered in several customs offices of the country, and more interestingly, after July 22, 1995 The clearance of foreign rice is coming to an end and the minister has emphasized this issue in several meetings and said that not even one kilogram of rice is allowed to be cleared, only 150 tons of rice has been cleared from Shahid Rajaei customs.

Two days ago, the Young newspaper reported that thousands of tons of rice had entered the country since August, a significant part of which is in the free zones, and is scheduled to enter the consumer market using a customs directive.

According to the report, apparently, several famous and few brands have succeeded in registering tens of thousands of tons of rice orders, and despite the ban on rice imports, they have been importing this product since August 1st. These high-tonnage imports, with the exception of smuggling and sailors and cross-border cooperatives, warn of the need for inspection agencies to intervene.

Although the experience of import bans to support domestic production in the harvest season has led importers to plan, but the import of thousands of tons of rice into the country and subsequent approval of imports from free zones in the name of creating added value due to packaging is a phenomenon that Undoubtedly, the major importer is aware of it or basically this approval has been issued for the mentioned brand.

Who are the actors in rice import?

Rice imports have many responsibilities, but most imports are done by the government and through the state trading company GTO, which is done without paying tariffs.
Meanwhile, some experts believe that the lack of supervision over foreign purchases and cheaper purchases of 1700 + 500 Tomans per kilo increases the probability of importing substandard and sometimes contaminated rice. Exists. But the second group of actors are the border cooperatives, which have a quota of 150,000 tons and import most of it during the ban.

The third actors are sailors who have been given an annual consumption license of 400 kilos (personal consumption) to help them. Hearings and evidence indicate that the import of telangie and sailors usually takes place during the seasons of the year. But on the side of rice bags, everything from toys to gold is usually discovered. However, import activity is higher in the off-season than in other seasons. Especially since the import of a thousand tons of a brand in the free zones can provide a good incentive for import under the guise of a law.
It should be noted that border cooperatives and sailors should not leave the province, but strangely, they usually import from distribution networks with different brands. But the fourth group in the rice import market are the official importers, some of whom should be monitored more than others because of their large share, because there are signs that they are doing nothing to try to outrun competitors and increase their share. To the extent of monopoly on imports, the departure of four active importers of foreign rice during the last year can be observed.

There were some rumors about the import of 300,000 tons of smuggled rice with government tariffs: The smugglers of goods who imported this product through the legal channel had to pay a customs tariff of 500 Tomans per kilo, but with this method they paid 50 Tomans per kilo. .

Also, a shipment of about 150,000 tons has moved to the country’s ports, which will probably arrive at the destination in the coming weeks and will be cleared. This event, which with its astronomical dimensions indicates an illegal organized action, takes place in a situation where following the Ministry of Agriculture and the notification of the Customs Import Center, any rice has been banned from entering the country since the beginning of August. Recently, with the help of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to support domestic production, it was decided to ban the import of rice to the country from August 1 this year, a decision that was welcomed by domestic producers.
The company is nicknamed “M”, which has shipped 150,000 tons to Iran. What institution, body or person has given them the necessary assurance to release their goods after the due date?

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