Importing monitors without representation is prohibited
Importing monitors without representation is prohibited

خانه Importing monitors without representation is prohibited

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Importing monitors without representation is prohibited

Importing monitors without representation is prohibited

It is forbidden to import monitors without a representative. New decisions on the import of monitors By the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, the import of monitors is now prohibited for importers who import without having an official sales representative in the country.

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However, with the publication of this news and the reaction of some importers of this product, because this restriction was applied without prior notice, the country’s computer union announced a limited deadline for the clearance of some goods that are facing problems in customs. Accordingly, yesterday was the deadline for importers who, according to the head of the Tehran Computer Union, in a limited number and without having an official sales representative to register the order and import monitors to be able to clear their goods through customs. According to the estimates of the Computer Union, nearly a thousand monitors are stopped at Tehran Customs and are waiting for clearance.

Mehdi Mir Mehdi says about this new decision of the Ministry of Industry: “According to this order, the entry of monitors, which was previously a subset of the home appliance class and is now entrusted to the Computer Union, is now prohibited without having an official representative.” According to the world of economy, according to him, but because this decision was made without prior notice and now the registration of the order of this product is closed in the customs, there is a temporary possibility for the clearance of the goods of those people who imported the goods in a limited way. They have been created in coordination with the Director General of Electronic Electricity of the Industry Organization so that the above goods can be cleared.

He continues: “After examining the documents of these people and in the circumstances that we conclude that the goods imported were not intended to abuse the space created, and were in small numbers and about 100 to 200 goods of different models,” he continues. “Assistance will be provided for their clearance, but if the number of goods is large and the order is registered in full, there will be no help at all, and the goods must remain at customs or be returned.” He emphasizes that it is possible to identify these two groups of people, and the computer union is currently reviewing the documents and separating them in this regard.

Mir Mehdi says that the Computer Union welcomes the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade to stop the import of monitors without official representation: “Currently, there are two official representations in the country that import monitors and there is production in the country, but this The decision has been made in a situation where domestic production meets domestic consumption and there is no need to import this product. “At present, with the cooperation of friends in the Industry Organization, we have come to the conclusion that the performance and activity of factories in the country should be evaluated and if the import of these two companies operating in Kafaf meets domestic demand, the import of this product will be limited.” He also announced that the import of monitors will be excluded from the subdivision of the electrical appliances and home goods category and will be under the supervision of the Computer Union, which has been done with the agreement of the Ministry of Industry.

According to the head of the Computer Union, after making this decision, the Ministry of Industry issued a notice and asked people who want to clear their goods from customs until the end of office hours on Saturday, February 23 by sending documents such as purchase invoice, order registration documents, documents Import of goods at customs, warehouse receipt documents and shipping documents (shipping) to the union to wait for the review of their activities to send their documents to the General Directorate of Export and Import Regulations for further coordination in the absence of problems. Mir Mehdi estimates that the number of goods waiting for clearance at customs is about a thousand monitors, which has been ordered for 6 to 7 importers, and according to him, importers at both Tehran and Bandar Abbas customs can benefit from this cross-sectional assistance of the Ministry of Industry.

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