Detergent imports are very low
Detergent imports are very low

خانه Detergent imports are very low

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Detergent imports are very low

Detergent imports are very low

Detergent imports are very low; The Director General of Supervision of Health Products, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment of the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization said: Last year, the production of detergents, both manual and machine, was 681 thousand tons, which is 14% more than in 1391 and 4% more than in 1394. It has increased.

In an interview with ISNA, Ismail Mehdipoor stated: Regarding the export of detergent powders and growth, it should be said that the export of this product has increased from 132 thousand tons in 1391 with a growth of 41% to 186 thousand tons last year and the amount of exports this year In the past, compared to 1394, it has had a growth of 10%.

واردات مواد شوینده كم است

Import of detergents to the country

Regarding the import of this product to the country, he said: “According to the studies conducted last year, 2881 tons of powders, dishwasher tablets and detergents worth eight million dollars have been imported into the country, most of which include imported items.” Dishwashing powder and tablets.

Mehdipour pointed out: Due to the production of detergent powders, including domestic brands or some global brands in the country according to the needs and tastes of consumers, the import of this product is not significant and on the other hand, its market is quite competitive. Weakening of domestic production in the mentioned industry due to reasons such as worn-out machinery, lack of production of quality goods, etc., does not correspond to reality.

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