Import of bananas in exchange for raisin exports
Import of bananas in exchange for raisin exports

خانه Import of bananas in exchange for raisin exports

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Import of bananas in exchange for raisin exports

Import of bananas in exchange for raisin exports

Importing bananas in exchange for raisin exports, subsidizing raisin producers

Hojjati said: the government supports the exporters by allocating five thousand Rials subsidy to producers for each production of each kilo of raisins and determining and having a preferential tariff for banana import in exchange for raisin export.

واردات موز با كشمش

According to Mehr News Agency, quoting the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, Mahmoud Hojjati in a meeting to think and make the necessary decision for raisins this year, which was attended by Deputy Ministers, members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and heads of agricultural jihad organizations producing grapes and raisins, as well as representatives Producer organizations and processing factories of this product were held, stated: Production of agricultural products in addition to observing productivity methods, including the use of modern irrigation methods and high-yield cultivars, should be demand-oriented and market-oriented and customer tastes in all stages of production, including Figures, processing and packaging to be considered.

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, emphasizing that the production and supply of agricultural goods should be done in a “chain”, said: Institutionalization is necessary for mass and economic production of the agricultural sector.

Hojjati pointed out that in the production chain of agricultural products, inputs are provided at a reasonable price and without imposing intermediation costs on producers, he said: it is necessary to draw the production chain of various agricultural products and identify the missing links, the ratio Defects should be addressed.

He stressed that there are significant capacities and new markets for the supply of agricultural products: most of the garden products such as raisins, pistachios and saffron are produced for export and it is necessary to produce and supply these products in accordance with Need for target markets and in the chain.

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture considered it necessary to strengthen the supply of agricultural products in the commodity exchange and added: “Currently, corn and barley products as a whole, as well as products such as pistachios and saffron are offered in the agricultural commodity exchange.”

Hojjati, pointing out that the ruling policy and economic oversight of the government is to reduce the interest rate on bank facilities, announced a 15 percent interest rate for facilities for agricultural activities and said: “This interest rate is the lowest interest rate for facilities granted, but for economic and Competitiveness of agricultural products, facilities of the agricultural sector should be provided to farmers at a lower profit.

He stated that the interest rates on banking facilities in the agricultural sector of the region, including Azerbaijan and Turkey, are 3 to 4 percent, adding that reducing the inflation rate and the ratio of interest rates to inflation rates are among the government’s economic policies.

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture pointed out: The government supports gardeners and exporters of this product by allocating 5,000 Rials in subsidies to producers for each kilogram of raisins produced, as well as setting and having a preferential tariff for banana imports in exchange for raisins.

Hojjati stressed the need to reform the methods of grape production and methods of storage, processing and sale of raisins and said: the traditional method of guaranteed purchase of raisins by the Rural Cooperative Organization with the participation of producers and related organizations and industries should be changed and the Rural Cooperative Organization Support the formation of institutions in this field.

He stated that the raisin market, like pistachios and saffron, should move towards stabilizing prices, adding that the heads of the provincial agricultural jihad organizations should identify and eliminate problems in the production, processing and marketing of raisins.

In this meeting, the Deputy Minister of Horticulture of the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture also stated: At present, 75 million tons of grapes are produced in the world, of which one million and 100 thousand tons of raisins are obtained.

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