Import of Iranian meat from New Zealand
Import of Iranian meat from New Zealand

خانه Import of Iranian meat from New Zealand

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Import of Iranian meat from New Zealand

Import of Iranian meat from New Zealand

Import of Iranian meat from New Zealand. According to NBR, New Zealand has signed an agreement with Iran that will pave the way for the resumption of meat exports to the Middle East and North Africa, the second largest economy in the region.

Meat imports from New Zealand

New Zealand Veterinary Organization and New Zealand Ministry of Main Industries have agreed on a meat arrangement that will pave the way for a resumption of exports of hot and cold mutton and beef, said Nathan Guy, New Zealand’s main industry minister.

New Zealand meat exports to Iran have not been able to increase after the lifting of sanctions last year due to the Iranian government’s sharia considerations. New Zealand meat exporters, meanwhile, follow halal standards under the supervision of the country’s Ministry of Main Industries. “This is an important step for New Zealand’s earmuff companies as they seek to re-enter the Iranian market,” Guy added. Meat is New Zealand’s second largest export product after dairy, and its export value reached $ 5.92 billion in 2016.

According to the New Zealand Minister of Main Industries, the two sides also discussed an action plan for cooperation in the agricultural sector next year. The two countries are also working on kiwifruit production in Iran. Import restrictions prevent New Zealand-made kiwifruit from being exported to Iran. Zespri International, a kiwi marketing company in New Zealand, and the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture have signed a joint statement announcing their intention to further explore business opportunities in the Iranian fruit market.

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