Importers of consumer goods can not use foreign loans
Importers of consumer goods can not use foreign loans

خانه Importers of consumer goods can not use foreign loans

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Importers of consumer goods can not use foreign loans

Importers of consumer goods can not use foreign loans

Importers of consumer goods can not use foreign loans, according to ILNA, the Ministry of Economy and Finance said in a statement on the use of credit lines: Credit lines with China, Korea or any other bank and country can be used by the public sector for projects. Use government such as transportation, energy or water resources management and the like.

Of course, only government projects that have the necessary conditions can use the agreed and available credit lines, and must have all the internal review and approval steps and then the approval of the Economic Council. No government agency can use the above resources directly and without following the existing legal route.

According to the report, in the case of the private sector, there are no restrictions on how much of these agreed resources to use. Private sector projects, like public sector projects, should follow the same path, albeit with minor changes to the sector. Private according to the law, and after obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals to use the operating bank and the central bank; Therefore, the stated statement is not accurate and correct.

The report states: “As previously explained, the contracts negotiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (Investment Organization) and the Central Bank, which were finally signed after their steps, before their use, It does not create any debt for the government or the private sector.

It should be noted that the signing of these credit line contracts, from which private and public sector projects can be financed after the legal process, is first approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly with the emphasis on the Sixth Development Plan and the budget approved in 1396.

Secondly, even if they are not used enough, the spirit of these large financial agreements, which show the readiness of foreign and international banks and large financial and insurance institutions to cooperate with Iran, is a sign of credibility in stability and the country and in lowering the ranking. Iran’s credit risk, which is constantly advertised by foreign enemies, is effective.

The report states that the extent to which these resources are used to finance projects is subject to domestic and approved laws and regulations. The task of the Investment Organization and the Central Bank is to try to provide and attract financial resources for the country.

They are in operation, and if the equipment for the implementation of a project approved by the Economic Council and other necessary approvals and permits, part of the approved loan can be used for that purpose. Therefore, contrary to some comments that the signing of these contracts increases the import of commercial and consumer goods to the country, importers of consumer and commercial goods can not use them and obtain loans to import consumer and commercial goods under the authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance And not an investment organization.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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