Temporary importation of goods is practically stopped
Temporary importation of goods is practically stopped

خانه Temporary importation of goods is practically stopped

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Temporary importation of goods is practically stopped

Temporary importation of goods is practically stopped

Temporary import of goods is virtually stopped, the capital of the Export Guarantee Fund will increase.

According to the Mehr correspondent, Mohammad Lahouti said in a meeting of the Board of Representatives of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture regarding the new plan of the Iran Export Guarantee Fund to issue a temporary import guarantee: Last year, the Iran Chamber mentioned that the guarantee service The letter of temporary entry of goods is given only to the customers of the fund, and those who can use these conditions are 800 companies or individuals, which does not seem to meet the current demand; Because temporary entry is a serious way to increase exports, which has an impact on the cost price of export goods; Today, exporters are complaining about their high cost

توقف ورود موقت كالا

The head of the Export Confederation of Iran added: “If this target community is expanded and the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran can create a section where more people can receive guarantees, it can help increase exports;” Because today the temporary import is due to the strictness of imports and the guarantees that it requires from the exporter; It is practically stopped and inefficient.

Regarding customer evaluation due to the lack of banking communication, he said: “In the case of customers who are introduced to the fund, the credit that the fund guarantees or covers is much lower than the credit that is exchanged between the two businesses, and this The figure can practically not solve the problem; So it seems that a solution must be found to this problem; Because temporary entry is effective in increasing the export and sale of Iranian goods.

Lahouti said: “Today, there are no banking relations and no credit is opened, so the amount of transactions and trade that takes place between two Iranian and foreign companies can not be covered by the fund.”

He said: “The lack of sufficient capital of the fund to increase the volume of exports since the 70s until now can be seen, so if the rate of increase in exports is examined with the increase in capital of the fund, it can be seen that there is a large gap between exports and capital. Using the resources of the National Development Fund, this request has been announced in writing by the Iran Chamber to the Ministry of Economy and the Program and Budget Organization; But the fund must also help to use these resources, because resources are foreign exchange and for export development.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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