Video Borescope or Video Camera
Video Borescope or Video Camera

خانه Video Borescope or Video Camera

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Video Borescope or Video Camera

?What is Video Borescope / Fiberoscope / Video Borescope? Application of video broscope in different industries

It can be said that the video scope consists of a combination of fiber scope and boracoscope. Video broscopes have both cohesive and flexible fibers and include a moving probe with the ability to move in 4 directions and sometimes have a viewing angle of up to 140 degrees. Among the distinguishing parameters of video scopes compared to fiber scopes and boroscopes are the following:

1- In inspection cameras, the incoming tubes are connected in different lengths. From 2 meters to 30 meters

2. In fiberoscopes, probe diameters are available in sizes 4, 5.5, 5.8, 6, 6.2 and 10 mm.

3- These video broscopes have the ability to film the passage of the tube.

4. In the video broscope, there is the ability to connect rigid guides in inspection cameras.

5- Thermal cameras have the ability to measure the dimensions of objects inside the passageway.

6- Inspection cameras have the ability to measure the distance of the probe from the object in the path.

8- The ability of the probe to move in different directions and pass through vertical, horizontal and curved pipes is one of the features of inspection cameras.

9- Fiberoscope works in high temperatures, in water, under rain, dusty places, etc.

Videobroscopes or industrial broscopes are tools for visual inspection. In cases where it is not possible to see the desired place with the naked eye, they use a video broscope or inspection camera. Applications of video broscopes include the following:

Applications of inspection cameras

Inspection cameras have been widely used by industries and engineers, and among the applications of these fiber scope are inspection in the following cases:

• Aircraft turbines, aircraft fuselages

• Marine inspection, shipbuilding

• Railway, mechanics

• Inside air ducts

• Inside cars and electronic engines and large diesel engines

• Wiring fault remover

• Cylinders, bundle tubes, tanks, converters

• Wind turbines

• air conditioning

?What is the function of wireless surveillance cameras or video broscopes

Some video broscopes work through WIFI so that by entering the IP in the browser of your system or mobile phone, you can communicate with the device. It is worth mentioning that it supports android-Iphone-pc systems.

General specifications of video broscope devices:

Video broscopes come in a variety of probe sizes and are flexible.

Fiberoscopes are designed in different sizes of probe diameters.

The inspection camera includes the ability to support flash cards.

Video broscopes have the ability to record images and photos.

Surveillance cameras or video broscopes come in different screen sizes and LCD screens.

Different viewing angles of inspection camera lenses

Waterproof quality inspection cameras or videobroscopes: (IP67) The moving parts inside the device are completely protected against external contact and there is no opening for dust to enter the device. The device is protected against immersion in water, water does not enter the device at a certain pressure and at a certain time.

These surveillance cameras have an output for connecting to a monitor.

Fiberoscopes have the ability to send information wirelessly.

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