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Hydraulic pumps

Internal Gear Pumps

The internal gear pump also has two gears, but the smaller gear fits inside the larger gear. The actuator gear engages the larger gear on one side and a crescent wall on the other. The drive shaft rotates the inner gear and it also rotates the outer gear. The basis of this pump is the same as the internal gear pump. The main difference is that both gears rotate in the same direction.

When the gears are released from the collision, the oil is trapped between their gears and the crescent wall, and is transported to the outlet atrium. Re-engaging the gears prevents oil from returning. The continuous flow of oil to the pump outlet causes it to enter the circuit. Internal gear pumps are mostly used for lubrication and feeding at pressures less than 70 bar, and in multi-stage types, access to the pressure range of about 280 bar is possible.

Features of internal gear pumps

– High efficiency

Lack of sensitivity to the type of fluid

– Low pollution and noise

Common parameters of internal gear pumps

– Displacement volume: 0.5 to 500cc

– Maximum pressure: 300bar (depending on engine size)

– Speed ​​range: 500 to 3000rpm (depending on engine size)

Application of internal gear pumps

– Lubrication system of machine tools

– High power fluid transfer units

– Oil pump in engines

– In addition to dilute fluids for pumping concentrated fluids, this type of pump can also be used.

– Foods such as chocolate, pigments and …

– Pumping resins and polymers

– Types of fuel oils and lubricants

Alcohol and other solvents

– Asphalt and bitumen

– Polyethylene foam (isocyanite and polyol)

– Soaps and softeners

Introducing the internal gear pump of the Italian diplomatic brand (Duplomatic)

– Displacement volume: 13.3-32.6 ml

– Maximum pressure: 345 bar

– Speed: 400- rpm3000

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