How to issue a business card
How to issue a business card

خانه How to issue a business card

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How to issue a business card

According to the definition of customs, a business card is a license that the holder of, whether a natural person or a legal entity, can use it to trade in the field of import and export of goods. This trade, from order registration and clearance of goods to import from free zones, includes the right to operate in customs and export of authorized goods.

Many people interested in doing business apply for a business card through the Ministry of Commerce. If you do not have a proper understanding of how this card works, it can be a hassle with all its benefits.

In this regard, a few months ago, when we read in the news, some people have encouraged the smuggling of goods in the country by renting their business cards, or some exporters, in order to escape the burden of some laws, with other people’s business cards (which are mostly They were villagers) importing goods.

Business card applications

  • Order registration and clearance of goods
  • Imports from free zones
  • Undertaking the right to work in customs
  • Export of all authorized goods

Conditions for issuing commercial chlorine

A) Iranian real persons

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • End of service card or exemption card for gentlemen.
  • Having three years of experience in commercial / manufacturing activities with the approval of two business card holders or having a production license certificate issued by one of the relevant ministries.
  • Having a place of business (appropriate to the field of activity), including real estate / rental.
  • Having legal offices by submitting registration statements.
  • Having a valid current account with one of the operating banks in the country.

B) Non-Iranian natural persons

  • Having all the required conditions for Iranian persons, except for the end of service card / exemption.
  • Have a valid work and residence permit.

Necessary documents for natural persons

  • 1- Applying for a business card
  • 2 – Copy of diploma (minimum diploma)
    3 – Copy of national card
  • 4 – Completing 1 sheet of room membership form (Persian-Latin type)
  • 5 – Commitment to join the Chamber of Commerce
  • 6- Completing 2 sheets of business profile form (Persian type)
  • 7- Original and copy of bank form based on good bank credit
    8- Completing the personal information form and announcing the nominees and a copy of the business card along with a written letter from the nominees confirming the business history of more than 3 years (holders of university degrees as well as holders of production licenses from one of the production ministries do not need a nominee.
  • 9- Original and copy of the letter of commitment form for receiving the business card and certifying the applicant’s signature by notaries.
  • 10 – Two sheets of the original registration declaration in the commercial offices that have been certified by the Companies Registration Office.
  • 11- Original and copy of the office seal certificate from the Companies Registration Office.
  • 12 – Original and photocopy of certificate of no criminal record.
  • 13 – 5 pieces of 4 × 3 photo.
  • 14- Two series of photocopies of all pages of the applicant’s identity card (at least 21 years old) and view of its original.
  • 15- Two photocopies of the end of service card and exemption from military service for men and see its original.
  • 16- Two series of photocopies of all pages of the six-dong ownership document or presenting a notarized lease of the workplace. (If the workplace lease is normal, provide two sets of photocopies of all pages of the parent document with a view of the original document, if the document is jointly arranged in addition to the provisions of this paragraph, provide written consent of other owners by the applicant The card is required.
  • 17- Original and photocopy of deposit slip to the account of the commercial organization of the province, mentioning the name of the company.
  • 18- The original membership fee receipt depending on the amount of capital according to the presentation receipt and the stamp fee receipt.

Note 1. Full-time employees of government agencies cannot obtain a business card.

Note 2. If the applicant is unable to apply in person for the relevant matters, the applicant is required to provide a formal power of attorney or letter of introduction from the applicant.

Note 3. Each person can not have more than one business card, whether legal or real.

Exemptions from having a business card

  • Border Residents Cooperative Company
  • Iranian sailors working on vessels sailing between the coasts of Iran and other countries.
  • Cocoons
  • Iranian workers working abroad if they have a job record from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Goods that are not exported at the discretion of customs for sale.

Cancellation of business card

The validity period of this card according to the request of the applicants is from one to five years, which is valid if approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

A) Optional cancellation / cancellation

Natural and legal persons, if they refuse to have a business card, can request the cancellation of the card by submitting the following documents to the Chambers of Commerce and Cooperation of the General Directorate of Export and Import Regulations or the commercial organizations of the provinces.

B) Compulsory revocation

If after the issuance of the business card, it is determined that the cardholder does not meet one or more of the conditions for receiving the card, or after the issuance of the above mentioned conditions or conditions, the Ministry of Commerce can cancel the card and inform the chamber. Iran Commerce and Industries or Cooperative Chamber, as the case may be.

If this is specified for the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Cooperation, it should refer the matter to the Ministry of Commerce for annulment.

In addition, according to Article 30 of the Iranian Customs Law, if they have a business card, in case of conviction, in addition to the relevant penalties for membership in the Chamber of Commerce, its branches in the city will be temporarily or permanently convicted and the business card will be revoked.

If the matter is referred to the court, upon the proposal of the Customs and at the discretion of the Commission composed of representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines and the General Directorate of Customs may be temporarily or permanently banned from membership of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines . In any case, this action will not prevent the perpetrator from being prosecuted in legal authorities.

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