Conventional export certificates
Conventional export certificates

خانه Conventional export certificates

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Conventional export certificates

Conventional export certificates

Plant health certificate

Steps and licenses for exporting goods

In the executive regulations of the Customs Export Law, it is divided into two categories.
1- Definitive export
2- Temporary export
Definitive export is the goods that are sent abroad for sale or consumption in countries outside of Iran, and temporary exports are the export of goods abroad for temporary purposes (eg repair or completion of goods, participation in exhibitions) and its return. It is said to the country. What is considered in this category is definite export.

Necessary documents for export

1-Obtaining a valid business card in the name of the issuer
2- Obtaining an export license (if the Ministry of Commerce has not agreed to export the desired goods).
3- Health and quarantine certificate (animal, vegetable – as the case may be)
4- Standard certificate (if the goods are subject to the mandatory regulations of the export standard).
5. Atomic energy certificate (as the case may be), which are also called conventional certificates.
6- Preparing the Packing List (if the goods are different)
7- Carpet ID (only for handmade carpets)

Export licenses

Export goods are divided into three groups according to the export license.
1- Authorized product: It is a product whose export does not require a license in accordance with the rules. (Criteria) refers to those arrangements that are legally necessary for the export of some goods, such as standard criteria, human health certificate, animal, vegetable2- Conditional goods:
It is a commodity that can be exported with a license. After announcing the consent of the relevant ministries, which is called (general agreement), and after notifying the customs by the Ministry of Commerce for the export of goods subject to general agreement, the applicant will not need to refer to the relevant ministry or organization and obtain a case permit. Exported goods
It is a commodity whose export is prohibited by the holy Shari’a of Islam (on the basis of buying or selling or consuming) or by law. The government can prohibit the export of some goods according to the specific requirements and conditions of the time by observing the relevant laws.

Conventional certificates

Vegetable health certificate
According to Article 18 of the Executive Regulations of the Plant Protection Law, plant products exported from Iran to foreign countries are examined by quarantine experts and in case of product health, a plant health certificate is issued. This will not be done if the buyer does not request it. Animal health (certificate of the Veterinary Organization) according to Article 7 of the Veterinary Law of the country approved in 1350. Import and export of any live animal – fertilized eggs – livestock sperm – raw animal products – drugs, vaccines, serums and biological substances, anti-inflammatory substances Infectious diseases, veterinary pesticides, concentrated feed, animal feed supplements and medicines needed to make the mentioned materials must be done with the consent of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture (Veterinary Organization of the country). Standard Certificate
If mandatory standard regulations are imposed for the export of goods, it is necessary to obtain a standard certificate from the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research and submit it to customs. Atomic energy certificate
In cases where the export goods are food or all kinds of scrap metals, etc., it is necessary to present the certificate of the Atomic Energy Organization of the country.

The form of justice

In cases where the imported goods are more than one package and the contents of the packages are various and varied, it is necessary to provide a list that shows the contents of each package (pure and with container). Other documents required for export
The following documents are not required to be submitted to the Iranian Customs, but may be requested by the destination country or a foreign buyer. And mines should be referred to. Mercury: What is not the job of the office, which is issued for the passage of goods by truck from member countries, without careful inspection and without providing and receiving customs duties and taxes. Purchasing list: Invoice or Invoice is an invoice in which the date, name and address of the buyer and seller, order or contract number, quantity or quantity or description of the goods, unit price, total price, type of contract and customs tariff of the goods are mentioned. The goods are from seller to buyer and have different types such as air bill of lading – sea bill of lading – railway bill of lading – national bill of lading Ground bill of lading (truck) Inspection certificate: a document issued by one of the international inspection companies and approved by it It turns out that the goods transported are the same as the registered goods ordered .

Export steps
1- Marketing
2- Obtaining a license
3- Determining the export price by the rating commission
4- Issuance of proforma
5- Preparation, preparation and packaging
6- Receiving the goods inspection certificate
7- Issuing an invoice and obtaining a certificate of origin
8- Signing a contract for transportation and insurance
9- Declaration of customs goods
10- Sending goods
11- Receiving a deposit letter or issuance certificate

Marketing is the most important step in export, knowing foreign markets and ways to penetrate it, knowing the nuclei of power, knowing competitors in the country is one of the most important parts that requires information about product quality, price and consumption in the buyer market.
Ways to obtain information in order to establish contact with buyers are possible through the following ways: a- Direct negotiation with buyers b- Using official information and statistics
C- Participation in international exhibitions D- Refer to previous records of transactions
E- Contacting Iranian missions and embassies and- Inquiring from international institutions and communication centers
It should be noted that with the advancement of technology, the possibility of accessing information through Internet sites is the fastest possible way.

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