Another factor in increasing the price of imports
Another factor in increasing the price of imports

خانه Another factor in increasing the price of imports

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Another factor in increasing the price of imports

Another factor in increasing the price of imports

The fourth factor in increasing the price of imported cars was identified, the non-diversified importers (Gary Market) resorting to official importers to buy order registration forms for imported cars can be considered the fourth factor that has led to record-breaking prices of imported cars in recent weeks.

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According to the Jam News economic service, “600 thousand Tomans increase in the price of used cars, removal of various car importing companies from the import list and suspension of car import order registration by official agencies” are the three factors that most car importers increase the price of imported cars. Were attributed to it. The action has been taken while in the past years, with the long-term cessation of car import order registration and the application of unacceptable methods for ordering imported cars, we have witnessed the supply of order registration sheets available in the market, sheets that have unbelievable prices. It was circulated among car importers, which led to an increase in import prices.

Heard from some unofficial importers that following the removal of this group from the official car import register at the end of this year, now that the official dealerships after 6 months from the closure of the order registration site to Gary Market And in the circumstances that the validity period of the clearance of vehicles of various companies has expired in July, they have started negotiations with various importing companies for the sale of registered orders of imported vehicles. This is a measure that has resulted in a surplus cost for car imports, and some of the reasons for the current increase in import prices can be attributed to it.

According to the activists of the imported car market, some dealerships have already offered to various companies to pay all the costs of importing cars and to pay a separate fee to the official dealership for registering the car order. This is in the context that the percentage set for cars with different brands is different. The action taken by the official agencies is while the official importers have not been able to register the order for more than a month and the site is closed to this group and it is not clear when the site will be opened to register a new order.

Late last year, in order to regulate the imported car market, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade removed various car importing companies, known in the car market as the Gary Market, from the list of car importers. The process that led to the fact that six months after the decision of the Ministry to create the hour, we see a balance between supply and demand, which can be said to be one of the factors increasing the price of imported cars.

In addition to the removal of various importers from the imported car market, in recent weeks we have also witnessed the suspension of the registration of orders for imported cars by official agencies. This measure, according to car market activists, has affected the upward trend in car prices. Rising cost of scrapping used cars is another factor that car market participants attribute to rising import prices.

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