4 Iraqi conditions for importing goods from Iran
4 Iraqi conditions for importing goods from Iran

خانه 4 Iraqi conditions for importing goods from Iran

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4 Iraqi conditions for importing goods from Iran

4 conditions for Iraq to import goods from Iran After the ban on the import of some Iranian food products to Iraq in the past two weeks, the Iraqi officials with 4 conditions provided the ground for cooperation between the two countries again.

According to the analytical news site of the Resistance Economy (Resistance News), the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a letter to the Iranian Embassy in Iraq, issued a circular amending the Iraqi customs laws, which needs to be analyzed by Iranian officials.

In a letter sent after this notification of the Trade Development Organization of Iran to the Director General of Customs, the Deputy Minister of International Affairs of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the heads of industry and mining organizations of the western provinces, this letter and its contents should be analyzed by the mentioned agencies. Check it out.

The review of this letter, which was sent by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Iranian embassy in this country, states: in accordance with the public interests of the country and also to prevent the entry of goods with exemption from profits and customs duties to domestic and local markets Its sale violates Iraqi domestic law, and the Iraqi government has set conditions for the importation of goods that have a customs exemption or deferred payment in order to meet competition.

These conditions, which have been approved by the Iraqi Council of Ministers and must be included on imported goods, are as follows:

1- Goods and products must enter Iraq in the name of the beneficiary.

2- On each of the imported goods and products, the sentence of exemption from customs duties, ownership of the goods and non-saleability should be clearly stated.

3- Incoming goods and equipment must be related to the field of activity of the importer in terms of quantity and type of product.

4- The authorities in charge of preventing the fall of goods with customs exemption to domestic markets, which has happened before, will start their work from 1/8/2017.

In addition to the Iranian embassy, ​​this letter was also sent to other diplomatic missions and international institutions.

Iran exported $ 6 billion to Iraq last year. It is worth mentioning that last week, the Iraqi authorities unilaterally banned the import of some food products from Iran under the pretext of domestic production in this country.

According to Seyyed Reza Nourani, president of the Union of Exporters of Agricultural Products, Iraq has banned the import of four agricultural products from Iran for the past two weeks. Potatoes are banned from Iran to Iraq.

According to customs statistics, in the first month of 1996, we exported about 43,000 tons of tomatoes, worth approximately $ 8 million, to Iraq. Since last year, Iran exported $ 6.1 billion. Non-oil to Iraq earned a lot of money this way, now we have to wait and see what policy the officials of our country will adopt in response to this decision of the Iraqi officials.

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