Import value of all types of BMW cars
Import value of all types of BMW cars

خانه Import value of all types of BMW cars

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Import value of all types of BMW cars

Iran Customs announced the import value of all types of BMW 2017 models.

According to ISNA, according to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the highest import value among BMW cars in 2017 is related to the 730i and 730Li models, whose customs value is equal to 80,000 euros.

However, the engine capacity of this model from BMW is about 3000 cc, and the import of cars with an engine capacity of more than 2500 cc is still prohibited by the decision of the government board. It is also the i120 model, which has a value of 26,500 euros.

Of course, the value of these vehicles is based on the FOB value (value at the port of origin) and transportation and insurance costs must be taken into account. Car importers must also pay 4 percent tax on account and 9 percent VAT. Also, cars with less than 2000 cc have a 40 percent import tariff and above 55 percent, which must be paid by importers.

Author: persian / Date: 2017-10-26
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