Pressure Gauge
Pressure Gauge

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Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge – One of the most important quantities measured in industrial units is the pressure quantity, so as to determine the type of equipment.

Instrumentation is usually one of the items that is always in question, the system pressure and therefore its maximum tolerable pressure

Therefore, we always need equipment to be able to announce the system pressure according to environmental conditions and related standards And act accordingly.

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Definition of pressure types

1. Absolute Pressure


The vacuum pressure is called absolute zero, and if the pressure is measured relative to absolute zero

If we take it, we call it absolute pressure (Pabs). In this case, the absolute pressure at sea level is 1 atmosphere.

2. Atmospheric Air Pressure


This type of pressure is most used on the ground, the so-called It is called Pamb. This pressure is the result of the atmospheric layers that are around the earth. The height of the atmosphere is about 500 kilometers.

The amount of this pressure depends on factors such as: air density, altitude, air temperature and wind speed. The maximum amount of pressure Atmosphere is at sea level and decreases sharply at high altitudes. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is about 760 mm Hg And this amount has a tolerance of up to 5% depending on the weather conditions.

3. Relative pressure (Gage Pressure)


If we compare the pressure with atmospheric pressure, it is called relative pressure, which is called (Pe).

In this case, the relative pressure at sea level is zero and at a depth of 2 meters of water is 1962. In relative pressure with negative numbers We also deal with and these numbers are used for vacuum pressure. Relationship between absolute pressure, relative pressure and atmospheric pressure Is from Pabs = Pamb + Pe

4. Differential Pressure Gauge

If we want to measure the pressure difference between the two systems, we must use a device that has the ability to measure the difference between , These two have pressure.

Types of Pressure Gauge

Types of pressure gauges include:

  • Hand pressure gauge
  • Digital pressure gauge
  • Test pressure gauge
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Negative pressure gauge
  • Vacuum pressure gauge
  • Diaphragm pressure gauge
  • Oxygen pressure gauge

Types of this pressure gauge with different brands

Types of this pressure gauge with different brands, including:

  • Vika pressure gauge / WIKA pressure gauge
  • INDUMART pressure gauge / INDUMART pressure gauge
  • TG1 pressure gauge / TG1 pressure gauge
  • ASHCROFT pressure gauge / ASHCROFT pressure gauge
  • NUOVA FIMA pressure gauge / NUOVA FIMA pressure gauge
  • FIMA pressure gauge / FIMA pressure gauge
  • DRUCK pressure gauge / DRUCK pressure gauge
  • PAKKENS pressure gauge / PAKKENS pressure gauge
  • Pressure gaugeWinters / pressure gauge .WINTERS

Pressure gauge that uses the mechanical mechanism

Pressure gauge that uses the mechanical mechanism of the Bourdon tube or diaphragm and in some cases the element bellows by changing the position of the element.

The gauge is pressurized and transmits this change of state to a hand that is calibrated in terms of pressure on a plate to Simplicity Measures pressure values ​​over a wide range of up to 1000 bar.

A pressure sensor generally measures the pressure of a gas or liquid To take

A pressure sensor generally measures the pressure of a gas or liquid To take. Pressure is the so-called force required to prevent liquid from spreading and is usually defined as the force on the surface. sensor Pressure usually works as a transducer and produces a signal as a function of pressure effect.

For this purpose, an electrical signal can be turned on Considered. Daily pressure sensors are used to control and monitor thousands of applications. Pressure sensors can Be used indirectly to measure other variables. For example: fluid / gas flow rate, velocity, liquid level and height of these variables are.

pressure sensors

To pressure sensors, pressure converters, pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters, pressure indicators, piezometers and manometers, etc.

An example of the use of this type of sensor can be seen in measuring the combustion pressure of the engine cylinder or turbine gas.

These sensors are mainly made of piezoelectric materials such as quartz. Some pressure sensors, such as those in cameras

Traffic control is seen, they work in binary and on / off. For example when you press on the sensor

When pressure is applied, the sensor disconnects or connects an electrical circuit. These sensors are known as pressure switches.

One Pressure

One Pressure is expressed in different units. Our standard unit in SI is Pascal, which is equal to (1 Pa = 1N / m2). One Pascal Is equal to the value of one newton that enters one square meter of body surface.

The best unit that can be used as a reference for other units Atmospher, which is defined as the average air pressure at sea level. Also in terms of Bar, mbar, mmHg, psi, mmH2O units are also expressed.

Because Pascals are a small unit of pressure, they usually use kilopascals (kpa), which is equal to 1000 Pascals. Almost every atmosphere Is equal to 100 kpa.

Meteorologists use the millibar unit, which is equal to one tenth of a pascal. From other pressure units can be Dean named per square centimeter (dyn / cm2) or torr.

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