Imports & clearance
Imports & clearance

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Imports & clearance

Imports & clearance


One of the main concerns of those involved in business is having a fast and without trouble custom clearance of their goods.

  • custom clearance in Iran consists of preparing and presenting the required documents and permissions.
  • Evaluation and using the  right tarrif of goods requires specialisation and experience.


Persian Tejarat Davan does follwing activities to remove your needs:

  • short process for custom clearance of your goods with having experienced personnel in customs
  • choosing the best tarrif source to avoid any loss to your business
  • obtaining all required permissions such as order registration from Ministry of Business; customs exemption from Ministry of Health and Medical Equipment Organization or Plant Qurantine, etc.
  • follow-up of  the  company’s documents  and files in the office of evaluation and tarrif in customs commissions.

PersianTejarat Davan has the honor of cooperating with several credible  companies such as: Abidi pharmacology; Zarrin Bana Parsian; Ravand-e-Shirdoosh; Arike Gostaran, Sakhtar-e-Sanaate-Karaneh,etc.

Other activities of PTD is as follows

-business , custom   and standard counselling

-order registration  and obtaining permissions for authorized goods from Tehran and other cities as fast as possible

-order registration and clearance of heavy and light machinary

-import and export from all customs in Iran

-receiving the goods from seller’s warehouse and delivering it to your warehouse

-helping you to pay the best price for your transportation

Custom clearance section  of PTD with having custom experts and recruiting effective professionals and personnel and providing  professional services of custom clearance of  different goods  and parts of production lines of different factories has been active and well-known. we are ready to work with businessmen and production companies. Morality, fairness,being responsible and precise , supportive of our customers ,and providing fast  and good services have been reasons of increasing satisfaction of our customers in recent years.

What distinguishes us is our professional services  and Our experiences during years of activity have helped us to provode faster service,lower  costs,and more precision for our customers. From the beginning authenticity in our function and regarding our customers’ profits has been our success key.

مراحل انجام کار

The stages of clearance of your goods in the customs

1- sending documents by consignee
2-obtaining required permissions for custom clearance
3-arranging and sending documents to Order Registration,Standard,and Transportation sections
4-statement round, printing statement
5-authorization- rule 7- cottage
6-route determination:
green route,evaluation number; yellow route, reviewing documents, inspector of evaluation; red route , evaluation , laboratory evaluation , custom salon inspector, evaluation number , head of service , deposit to account and issuing permit
7-end of cottage process
8-loading permit and exit
9-informing the land transportaion company of the consignee address
10-issuing bijek
11-loading and exit door
12-delivering of goods
13-informing consignee of driver’s and truck’s number
14-sending the statement by clearance section to office of finance
15-sending the statement by office of finance to consignee


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